The Birthstone Guide


Discover what your birthstone is and the wonderful powers it possesses with our Francesca guide to birthstones! 
Just as star signs provide a unique perspective into our personality, from the sky, birthstones shine a wealth of insight into our birth month and the qualities that shape our identity, from the earth. 
To enhance the magic within and expand on the purpose of these sacred stones, we’ve created the birthstone collection! With each birthstone beholding its own natural charms, you may gravitate towards one that aligns with your birth month or prefer to select a hue that harnesses certain powers. Learn more about each of the twelve birthstones and the inner guidance and gifts they offer below! 
What is a birthstone?
Birthstones are precious and semi-precious gemstones that represent the twelve months of the year. Birthstones date back to the 1st century AD when a Jewish historian Josephus believed there was a connection between the breastplate of Aaron (a garment set with twelve gemstones that represented the tribes of Israel), the twelve months of the year and the signs of the zodiac.
Birthstone gems were said to have benefits for the wearer when worn during a certain month however the modern twist is to wear your birthstone year round! Wearing a gemstone that signifies the month of birth of the wearer, traces back to 18th century Poland, with the arrival of Jewish gem traders to the region. The modern list of birthstones (outlined in the guide below) wasn’t defined until 1912, by the National Association of Jewellers in the United States.  As birthstones are typically worn as jewellery, look no further than our birthstone charm range, offering a gorgeous and meaningful gesture for yourself or your loved ones! 
We have created the most amazing birthstone charms to be worn on your choice of a pendant necklace, charm bracelet or  hoops. We want to celebrate the month that makes someone who they are, whether an adventurous April baby or a calm, collected September born. We’ve created birthstone charms in your choice of sterling silver or 14k rose or yellow gold (3 microns on silver) with cubic zirconia stones to match the month’s respective birthstone colour.
What is my birthstone?
Each gem carries its own symbolism and is a wonderful gift for a special occasion or just because! Whether you’re an ambitious January blossom or a generous December child, we’ve created this guide with something for everyone in mind.

Birth Month





Faith, protection, abundance



Wisdom, stability, strength 



Courage, understanding, tranquility



Eternity, courage, healing



Intuition, good fortune, love



Purpose, imagination, energy



Passion, enthusiasm, vitality



Success, positivity, patience



Integrity, clarity, confidence



Self-confidence, creativity, understanding



Joy, growth, abundance



Empowerment, support, success

January - Garnet
The deep red garnet is the stone of January born (loyal and hardworking leaders) and is believed to provide the wearer with strength, prosperity and health. Garnets can also be found in brown, green, yellow and in rare cases, blue. Often called the ‘Gem of Faith’, those who wear garnet are said to be honourable and have an abundance of good things come their way! Garnet is also believed to protect the wearer from harm . With its neutral undertones, the garnet’s gorgeous colour is surprisingly versatile. Shop the January  Ingot Birthstone and  Star Birthstone Charm or check out our stunning Garnet  Lustre Bracelet or  Opulence Bracelet available in silver, rose and yellow gold.
February -  Amethyst  
The amethyst birthstone is grounding in nature, colour and power. It provides a nurturing offering for the February born (intelligent, artistic and rebellious).  Amethyst features elegant purple hues, ranging from deeper plum purples to pale violets. Amethyst’s mythology dates back to Ancient Greece and is said to be the stone of wisdom, stability and strength. Made of quartz, amethyst is one of the most abundant materials found in the earth’s crust. It is durable, everlasting and the perfect stone to hold close to you when seeking stability, courage, clarity or strength. It’s said that artist Leonardo Da Vinci used it as a tool to enhance his intellectual capacity and keep bad thoughts at bay - all creatives alike will take comfort in its inner calm. Amethyst is one of our most popular stones, you can shop amethyst bracelets in the  Charm Bracelet Hue Bracelet Lustre Bracelet and  Allure Bracelet ranges. Of course, you can also shop the February  Ingot Birthstone and  Star Birthstone charm.
March – Aquamarine
The azure birthstone comes from the Latin name ‘aqua’ meaning water and ‘marina’ meaning the sea. Aquamarine is a sister stone to emeralds, meaning they are from the same mineral group, Beryl. Like the ocean itself, aquamarine is all about tranquility and calm and is said to cool a busy mind and invite stillness and equilibrium to the body and soul. Its healing powers also extend to love, with aquamarine said to support unity, reconnection and binded love. For March born (honest, kind and dreamy in nature), it's a crystal that connects to both the heart and throat chakra, allowing you to experience love and open and honest communication, encouraged to be worn close to the body in yoga or a meditation to be reminded of its unwavering support. Shop our  Aquamarine Charm Bracelet or March  Ingot Birthstone or  Star Birthstone charms. March’s other birthstone is bloodstone, mainly found in darker shades of green and brown stones with patches of red, brown and tallow.
April Birthstone – Diamond
The most crystal clear of birthstones, April born (adventurous, caring, diplomatic) are destined for diamonds. Diamonds can be found in a variety of colours such as champagne, cognac and pink diamonds. Diamonds are believed to give mental clarity and inspire love, renowned for their beauty and rarity. Whilst coveted as a symbol of love and everlasting eternity, diamonds also have a rich history of healing and are said to cure ailments associated with the brain and bloodstream. As the diamond is the strongest of all precious gems, it’s also believed that those who wear diamonds will develop the same strength as the stone according to ancient mythology. Shop our April  Ingot Birthstone or  Star Birthstone and our diamond collection here.
May Birthstone – Emerald
A green as rich as the forest, the emerald birthstone is an opulent stone fit for a queen and was Cleopatra’s jewel of choice, said to be tied to good fortune, faith and love, making it a fitting choice for all May goddesses (empathetic, spirited and imaginative). Emerald is considered one of the most precious gems. Interestingly, emeralds that are dark green with hints of blue and other imperfections are more valuable than purely green emeralds without cracks. Emeralds give intuition and abundance to the wearer.  Shop the May emerald inspired  Ingot Birthstone or  Star Birthstone available in silver, rose and yellow gold for a timeless gift.
June birthstone – Alexandrite
A deep purple, the alexandrite birthstone has a chameleon quality which is said to represent life and rather than being one shade, it’s the sum of many colours and experiences, ever changing and beautiful. Alexandrite will bring out your purpose in life, encourage a shift in energy and draw forward light, imagination, joy and intuition. While destined for June born (funny, sensitive and a good friend) it’s also said to be an omen of intuition, creativity and inspiration to all those who allow the stone to enter their space. Alexandrite is a very rare stone, which makes it impossible for non-collectors to assess, the stone has intriguing colour changing properties, green in daylight and purple in incandescent lighting. Shop our alexandrite inspired  Ingot Birthstone charm or  Star Birthstone charms.
Moonstone (another birthstone for June), with layers of feldspar, the Romans believed that it came from the rays of the moon and the stone was featured in many pieces of Art Nouveau jewellery. With an almost mysterious shimmer and aura, the stone refracts light in a mystical way. For inner perspective and a calming influence, shop our Blue Moonstone  Charm Bracelet, White Moonstone  Opulent Bracelet and  Lustre Bracelet. Additionally, our Mother of  Pearl Hue Bracelet features an amazing white moonstone bead embedded throughout the design.
Pearls are the third and final birthstone for the month of June, believed to represent honesty, integrity and purity. As the stone of potential, we can’t get enough of pearls. We have an amazing variety of pearl earrings, bracelets and charms to suit any occasion! Some of our favourites include our classic  pearl studs, pearl bracelet trio keshi pearl earrings and newly released  pearl division bracelet!
July – Ruby
A deep, dazzling red, the ruby birthstone represents fiery passion, romance and the heart’s desire. Those with a ruby in their possession will be able to cultivate a deep love that radiates from within and out to those around them. As a healing stone, rubies are said to restore vitality in the bloodstream and boost energy, awareness, courage. While a radiant choice for July borns (complicated, witty and fun) it’s also a devilish choice for those looking to harness lust and love or discover confidence or motivation. Rubies are heralded as the ‘King of the Gemstones’, they can be worn for increased energy, courage and happiness. Synonymous with passion and vitality, shop our ruby inspired  Ingot Birthstone charm or  Star Birthstone charm as a gift for yourself or your loved ones born in July!
August Birthstone – Peridot
A glowing green, the peridot birthstone comes from the Greek word ‘to give plenty,’ so as its name suggests peridot gives prosperity and good fortune to its beholder, encouraging wealth, a positive mind, patience and fearlessness. Derived from the overflow of a volcano, the source of creation is a fitting choice for August born (brave, observant, independent) who seek fearlessness and abundant happiness. Pronounced ‘pear-ah-dot’, the stone can have beautiful variations in its colour with hints of yellow, brown and olive greens. It is known as the ‘emerald of the evening’ as the stone does not change colours in daylight or incandescent light. Shop our peridot inspired  Ingot Birthstone charm and  Star Birthstone charm for the stone that is said to lessen feelings of anger, envy and boost personal growth.
Spinel, (the other August birthstone) is the stone of revitalization, believed to help release stress and anxieties, shop our stunning black spinel bracelets in the  Lustre Bracelet and Opulent Bracelet range.
September Birthstone – Sapphire 

A blue as deep as the ocean, the sapphire birthstone possesses the same great wisdom of the sea, naturally encouraging clarity and nobility. A precious gem considered only second in value to diamonds, sapphires possess a wealth of power, allowing the wearer to uphold integrity and focus while staying grounded and confident - making it a stunning choice for September born (calm, clever and well travelled) or for someone needing wisdom, clarity, confidence. Sapphire is the second hardest mineral on Earth and the last of the four precious stones on the list (succeeding emeralds, diamonds and rubies). Sapphires can be found in an array of blues and every shade imaginable from pink to yellow hues. Additionally, sapphires are said to develop creative expression, reduce pain and bring positive energy to the wearer. For the stone associated with wisdom, serenity and focus, shop our Ingot Birthstone or Star birthstone charm for a sapphire inspired piece.
October Birthstone - Tourmaline
A rosy hue, the tourmaline birthstone has a feminine, heart based energy that embodies beauty and love. Said to heal stress and encourage warmth, friendliness and inner confidence, tourmaline will energetically shift negative thoughts away and offer October born (friendly, confident and independent) self love and inner compassion. Shop our pink tourmaline inspired  Ingot Birthstone charm or  Star birthstone charm for the stone that brings understanding and positive energy to the wearer. 

Opals, (the other birthstone for October), have a stunning multicoloured glow, said to inspire creativity and inspiration. Symbolising love, happiness and hope, shop our pink opal hue bracelet  here.
November Birthstone - Citrine
With a golden orange glow, the citrine birthstone is uplifting like the sun, radiating positivity, growth and abundance. By tapping into the powers of citrine, November born (strong willed, inquisitive and inspired thinkers) will let go of negativity, spark creativity and call in new possibilities. It is also said to boost spirits and offer a burst of creativity or self growth. For our citrine inspired birthstone charms, shop our  Ingot birthstone and  Star birthstone charms.

Topaz is also a birthstone for November, a stone which will clear the way for balance and honesty whilst increasing good health for the wearer. We have an amazing range of topaz, with some of our favourites including the stunning  Malo Studs Aurora Necklace and  Twine Ring.
December Birthstone - Turquoise
Teal blue in tone, the turquoise birthstone is an ancient talisman believed to bring good luck, victory and personal success. With a transformative nature that rejuvenates the mind and body, December born (ambitious, generous and influential) who keep turquoise in their toolkit will enhance intuition and release inhibitions, allowing the soul to run free while being gifted support, empowerment and self expression. For the stone that brings out a love of nature and  self-acceptance, shop our stunning turquoise inspired  Ingot birthstone charm  or Star birthstone charm. We also have an amazing range of turquoise bracelets, choose from our  Turquoise Charm Bracelet Lumier Bracelet Hue Bracelet Allure Bracelet and  Seychelles trio!
Tanzanite, a sapphire blue coloured stone with an aura of violent, named after the only place it can be found, Tanzania, is known to reduce and protect against negative energy. Zircon, a natural gemstone, not to be confused with cubic zirconia, looks much like a diamond due to its brilliance. Zircon is the oldest mineral on Earth and is found in a few colours however blue zircon is the most popular. It is said to assist in achieving better sleep, creating prosperity and bringing honour and wisdom to the life of the wearer. 
It’s All in the Meaning 
Inspired by the enchanting nature of birthstones and looking to bring their allure into your life? To embody the innate power of these stones, check out our full range of semi-precious stone bracelets here
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