Sister Jewellery Sets That Represent A Sacred Bond

Sister Jewellery Sets That Represent A Sacred Bond

Keep your big sister, little sister or soul sister close to heart and in mind with a sister jewellery set that symbolises your loving connection.

It’s said Sister Day is celebrated on August 6th, but as a jewellery label designed by two sisters, Hannah & Rachel Vasicek, we think celebrating the sacred bonds of sisterhood should not be reserved to one day only.

As an all female lead brand, we believe the special bonds between women, be it biological or chosen sisters, deserve to be cherished and kept close. 

And one way we love to keep the bond close to heart or always in heart and mind is with matching sister jewellery pieces.

No matter the season, the distance or relationship, keep your sis near always with sister jewellery pieces that symbolise your shared love or connection. 

This could also be a best friend who feels like a sister too i.e. a soul sister who knows you better than anyone else may also adore the idea of soul sister jewellery.

As a brand who started as two sisters but now have a team of over 65 women, and we count our team as a sisterhood, so that too is an example of how the bond can have its own unique meaning. Be it your work wife, your PT, your high school bestie, a sister bond has no bounds.

So whether you are looking for the best jewellery gift for a sister that’s a blood relative or for soul sister jewellery, we have a collection of sister jewellery Australia made and designed for you to choose from to solidify your love.

See our Francesca edit of hand selected pieces we believe are perfect sisters jewellery, either as matching sets or as uniquely personalised pieces (like our Etch Engravable Collection). 

4 Sister Jewellery Sets We Love

Before choosing a set to suit you and your sis, begin by considering what your sister means to you? 

A sister may be your rock in tough times, the one who picks you up and makes you laugh, the one who knows the words to your heart and sings them back to you when you’ve lost your way, the one who inspires you to be your best or just the who loves you in a way that no one else can do in the same way. 

When it comes to selecting the right sisters jewellery, with so many types of bonds or sister types, it is often important to consider what your connection means to you both and what would represent it best before choosing special  jewellery for sisters that will suit and be meaningful to you.

With this in mind, we’ve curated an edit below of sister jewellery sets we see symbolising the common bonds of sisterhood so you can celebrate your sis every day with Franc pieces you can wear forever.

  1. Locket Necklaces

A gift for the sentimental kind of sister duo, locket necklaces allow you to not only keep your sis close to heart (literally) but in keeping a photo of them immortalised within means you always have a beautiful memory or moment to turn back to on days you may miss them.

    From our Treasure Locket Necklace (rectangular) to Oval Necklace or an old school Ellis Locket Necklace there is a shape, metal hue and chain type to suit all sister types.

    To make it a special sister matching jewellery set, we recommend choosing matching lockets and metal colours with a separate picture of you both or selecting the same shared image of you both together and alternating the gold, silver or rose gold hues to suit your individual personalities, 

    1. Alpha Charm and Rope Letter Charms

    Prefer to keep it simple and rep a low key sister bond without the perhaps mushy side of it that comes with photos in a locket? Then a letter charm is the perfect way to go.

    We have two main charms, the Alpha Charms or Rope Letter Charms that can be threaded onto a necklace or bracelet for a subtle statement without the fuss.

    Made popular by Gigi Hadid, Blake Lively and Katie Holmes as a way to symbolise their children, initial necklaces have become a ‘in’ way to y keep a loved one present, without making a big statement.

    With the Alpha Charm a small pendant, you can either choose to thread it to a necklace on a chain that can be seen by others or a longer one to keep close to you privately, and similarly you can attach it to a bracelet that is kept hidden or on display.

    The Rope Letter Charm is a much larger symbol so this one best suits a longer pendant necklace chain (Rope Letter Pendant)and can be worn with your sister’s initials only.

    Or pair up and purchase two letters (your first initial letter and hers) with our Better Together necklace to create a matching sister jewellery set.

    1. Etch Pieces

    A great alternative to a photo or subtle letter charm, an engravable piece from our Etch Collection could be the perfect compromise for a sister jewellery or soul sister jewellery set that feels meaningful but isn’t ‘too corny’ or ‘too subtle.’

    With engraved pieces, you get the perk of immortalising something forever by etching a word, an initial, a phrase or anything that is meaningful to you both. 

      An example we love is etching a nickname you’ve given each other or inscribing a word or phrase that is funny and meaningful to you both - talk about serious soul sister jewellery vibes.

      Within the Etch Collection, it’s so customisable you can choose from so many beautiful sister jewellery types: a Etch Pendant Necklace, a Etch Ring, Etch Stud Earrings, Etch Chain Bracelet or one of many Etch Charms that can be threaded onto your own choice of bracelet or necklace chain.  

      With so many types to choose from we love that you can either pick identical Etch Collection sets or the jewellery design each prefers (i.e. one sister may like a ring and one a bracelet) and still symbolically share the same Etch design and meaning.

      1. Zodiac And Birthstone Pieces

      Different from our other sister jewellery collections, this category is for the sisters that are all about the ‘woo’ ‘woo’. Perhaps you share a love of astrology, daily horoscopes, know each other’s sun, moon and rising or are just nature lovers and generally spiritual.

      With both the Zodiac and Birthstone Collections you can pick the star sign of your sister to wear as a way to energetically be connected always.

      For the sisters that love a little colour or are open to the energetic qualities of stones, the best jewellery gift for sister of spiritual nature is either the Birthstone Charms that feature a subtle coloured birthstone amidst a beautiful solid sterling silver, rose or gold plated charm or the Petite Birthstone Necklace with the charm featured as a pendant.

        Or another cute idea could be to buy the Petite Birthstone Charm and attach other fun, quirky, personality based charms that symbolise your unique relationship to make a full charm bracelet that tells the story of your bond.

        For the traditional types who like the old style Zodiac symbols, we also love the solid Zodiac Charm, Iridescent Zodiac Charm or the Petite Zodiac Charm as a pendant necklace or charm on a bracelet.

        For more sister jewellery Australia made and designed see our Francesca online store for full collections or for best jewellery gift for sister this Christmas see our Christmas Gifting Collection.

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