Rite of Passage Gift Guide (Christenings & Bat Mitzvahs)



A rite of passage ritual celebrates the spiritual transition in one’s life. Family and friends gather to bear witness, impart wisdom, support, love and celebrate this special time. Gift shopping for a Bat Mitzvah, Christening or another spiritual ceremony can be daunting, especially when you want to find a gift that is both special and appropriate! We’ve created this gift guide to help you navigate finding a gift for the special recipient to remind them of the celebration of their spiritual ceremony and to treasure forever. 

Firstly, we recommend taking the time to understand the significance of the ceremony you’ll be attending and any customary rituals that may be expected. Religious rites of passage often involve meaningful symbolic gestures such as giving money in multiples of $18 at Bar and Bat Mitzvahs as the Hebrew words behind the two numbers create the word ‘chai’ (life). In the Jewish faith, money gifted in multiples of $18 is considered a blessing.


At a Baptism or Christening, the  cross symbol is highly significant and is gifted in the form of either a charm bracelet or necklace, a statue or rosary beads. In Christianity, the cross symbolises purification and a fresh start to life. For something a little different, the  Angel Charm  could also be given or the  Infinite Charm to symbolise the special bond you may share with the recipient. If it’s a Greek Orthodox Christening and you are honoured as being chosen as a Godparent, make sure to go with a  gold cross

For something unique, you could opt for the mati charm which is said to prevent the wearer from harm, bad fortune or the curse of the ‘evil eye’. Dating back to the Classical Era in Ancient Greece, it was noted that the ‘evil eye’ or matiasma could bring harm to others, an evil force born from the feelings of envy, jealousy and anger. In some parts of Greece, it is believed that those with blue or green eyes are particularly prone to giving the curse to another person, that’s why many of the evil eye (mati) symbols are depicted as a blue eye.

In the Jewish faith, a Bat Mitzvah is typically celebrated when a girl turns 12 and must take on the responsibilities of an adult. A timeless and appropriate gift could be the Star of David which is beautifully embedded in our Shield Charm. The  Tree of Life is another respectful and appropriate gift as, according to Judaism, the tree of life is what sustains and nourishes life! Our  stacker jewellery box is also a beautiful gift to give the recipient as something unique to store their jewellery in.

In Buddhism, wearing a  lotus can remind the wearer that every day is an opportunity to practice the spiritual qualities of compassion, wisdom, contentment and love. 


We bead all of our bracelets in-house so are more than happy to create a bracelet in a custom size depending on the recipient’s age, our  staple bracelets are a timeless option. To create a custom-sized bracelet, you can contact our amazing customer care team  here!

We love the  Division Bracelet for a simple and timeless bracelet to add charms to or something from our Pearl Bracelet  range (the stone of potential) for an elegant piece. Otherwise, we offer an extensive range of semi-precious stone bracelets with unique meanings which are significant no matter the spiritual ceremony.

Some of our favourites include: 

You can also add the alpha charm to personalise any charm bracelets or necklace chains to add a meaningful and personalised touch to the gift. We also love the Axial Charm which signifies that ‘some of the smallest stars as those that shine the brightest’ and the Fusion Charm to celebrate the special bond you may share with the recipient! 


Our   necklaces are the perfect base to create a personalised and meaningful piece with any of the previously listed charms. We love our bobble chain for added texture, the rope chain for more of a statement and the France Create Chain for a timeless look (fully adjustable and available in either 50cm or 80cm lengths). Our necklaces are available in your choice of solid sterling silver or 14k gold plated. 

All of our pieces come with the option of complimentary gift wrapping and are able to be exchanged for store credit, see our full returns policy here.

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