Oh Darling, you had us at Doughwaffle


When you’re strolling around the streets of Melbourne you’ve got to stop for some eats. And when you’ve got four hungry, verging on hangry, Franc babes out for a photo shoot, that ‘got to’ becomes very real. Our eatery of choice? Darling Cafe in South Yarra.

If you’re not a Melbourne local, you may not be familiar with the North/South divide. The main thing you need to know is that the two are like warring countries whose residents refuse to cross the boundary except to enter the city itself aka Switzerland.

South Yarra is you guessed it, on the south side. It’s kind of like Melbourne’s version of Sydney; flashy, modern and with barely a bearded hipster in site. Yet despite the lack of babes in beanies, they still know how to make a damn good coffee, and we can personally attest to that.


At Darling, we’re greeted by the chef Nicholas who proudly tells us that he has created the world’s first doughwaffle. Yep, it’s exactly what it sounds like, a doughnut and a waffle! And did we mention there’s Nutella involved!? Victoria, it really is “the place to be”.

  • Did we mention the DOUGHWAFFLE?? Not sure anyway we'll say it again no.1 THE DOUGHWAFFLE - filled with nutella/vanilla & topped with all the things you want your doughwaffle to have. It was a strong YES from us!             

  • Holy LAKSA wow!! If you're a fan of a little asian fusion you'll need to add this to you 'to order list'. And we say list because we highly doubt you'll be able to choose just one dish.                                                                                          

  • Classic with a twist? You'll need the Grilled Broccolini. Its got all the goodness your day needs with an equally as satisfying flavour.                            

  • Mortgage or Smashed Avo? We'll join the millennials all day long choosing the avo if its from Darling Cafe.                                                                               

  • FORK FIGHT - pretty sure there were forks going everywhere to get the chicken stir-fry in our mouths - Amaaaazing. 

 Ok - so the verdicts out and we really couldn't fault Darling Cafe in anyway possible. It's got everything your weekend brunch adventures needs and we would literally fly from Tassie to eat there again tomorrow haha! So whether you're a Melbourne sider, a visitor or the next big thing in the foodie world, we'd suggest a visit here asap xx 



Thanks Darling Cafe xx

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