Modern Stories of Motherhood: Keira Rumble

Meet Keira.

My name is Keira, this is Hunter and this is Goldie and this is our story.


Tell us a little bit about your journey into motherhood?

My journey to motherhood was full of so much heartache. It was many years of infertility and losses. We had nine pregnancies and two living babies. It was full of IVF ectopic pregnancies and Endometriosis. When we finally fell pregnant with my two little beautiful miracles, it was then severe hyperemesis or HG and it was hospital after hospital and just so much anxiety and holding that trauma. 

But now I've got these two little beautiful babies in my arms and everything just seems all right again. 

HG was living hell. It was nine months twice of vomiting anywhere from 5 to 40 times a day with my daughter, it was far more severe than my son. It was 30 to 40 times a day wetting myself, vomiting, being in hospital, being on a drip.
It was a really dark time because of the complex feeling of wanting to celebrate and enjoy these miracle babies, but then having so many horrible, horrible feelings about having this pregnancy and it was probably the darkest time of my life.


How difficult was it to go through it all a second time around?

The decision to do IVF again after the birth of my son, Hunter, was such an easy decision, even though I knew that, you know, IVF is so challenging and the HG pregnancies were going to be challenging.

I just knew that my family wasn't complete and I still don't feel complete, but we are definitely waiting a little bit longer this time.

If I could say something to someone that was going through something similar, or experiencing infertility, my biggest piece of advice would be just to trust your gut. If I hadn't trusted my gut on so many different occasions, from my ectopic, to getting a 2nd, 3rd or fourth opinion about my fertility journey, I would probably never have become a mum or it would have taken a lot more years and heartache to actually be where I am today.


What helped get you through the dark and difficult times?

For me, my friends who held space for me going through the infertility experience that I did. It was about just being there and comforting. No amount of words or comforting will ever make you feel any better. But it's just about being there. And if you don't necessarily know what to say, I found that the best thing was, was just to be there and just to simply check in and make sure that they're doing ok.


What do you love about being a mum?

I love being a mum, so much. It is a little human that you get to just watch and grow and they are literally your best friend and just watching their personalities grow and the love that you have for these tiny little people is just indescribable.


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