Modern Motherhood Makes It In The Spotlight, Our National TV Debut On The Today Show

The Modern Motherhood Campaign That Became A Brand Milestone In Our Story

How our calling to launch a Mother’s Day campaign to celebrate motherhood and diversity landed us on the The Today Show and became a milestone moment for our brand.

For any artist, the creative process often starts with a dream, a vision, a story untold or an intuitive niggle that continues to bubble away until you can’t help but bring it to life.

As a female lead company, who proudly employees so many mums and has had the firsthand privilege of hearing their personal journeys, we at Francesca, felt a calling to bring these women’s stories forward and shine a light on what modern motherhood really looks like. 

What we didn’t expect though as a brand, is that in launching our campaign, Etched with love: Modern Tales Of Motherhood, A Series to coincide with our Etch Collection, would also bring us into the spotlight, leading to a widescale impact reaching audiences across Australia on live air! 



Not only did our Mother’s Day campaign move and inspire women across our own social media channels but it landed us national exposure as a brand with our first TV segment in Sydney.

In case you didn’t see it, we are thrilled to share that we had the honour of being featured on Nine’s The Today Show, with both Hannah and Rachel (alongside one of our featured mum’s Michelle) appearing live on national TV direct from Sydney and Tasmania for Mother’s Day on Sunday May 8th.

As local designers, it felt like a dream come true and a real milestone for Francesca as a local Tasmanian brand.

With an ethos centred on empowering women, we wanted to share the joy with you, our community, by telling our story and sharing how special it was with a little behind the scenes video and spiel of what went on on the day, for those who missed it or who are also dreamers and want to believe anything is possible!

Here’s what went down on the day… 

Rachel, our Creative Director flew to Sydney to feature live on the segment alongside hosts Belinda Russell and Charles Croucher, receiving the full TV makeup experience and treated to a sneak peek of life on set, something she will never forget.


While Hannah, our Founder and superstar mum, joined live time from Tasmania with Michelle, after only recently giving birth to her new son Elijah 11 days prior.

What made the TV appearance even more special, was that Vienna, Hannah’s two year old daughter - arguably the star of the campaign and the little soul behind Hannah’s own motherhood story - joined live alongside her little baby brother Elijah. 


In fact, Vienna was in full big sister mode sharing with the viewers just what a doting sis she is, making sure to take care of baby brother Elijah during the segment, holding him for her mamma (a truly heart melting moment) while Hannah spoke to the hosts.

For the segment itself, our whole brand campaign (both video and audio) was featured, with each local mother’s story getting a moment in the spotlight, something we were so proud to see live on TV, it was a true pinch me moment for us both.


Rachel then gave a little background about why we launched the campaign, sharing that as a female lead company we’ve seen it all in terms of the highs and lows of motherhood and how important it is to shed light on the diversity of mother’s journeys and truly celebrate women of all backgrounds and stories. 

Hannah then shared a little of her own motherhood journey and set a beautiful live example of motherhood in action. While juggling the two bubs on live time TV, she shared, “It’s unpredictable, you can’t plan anything, you have to roll with the punches, everyday is totally different but it’s the spontaneity and unpredictability that makes it fun!” 

Michelle, our mum from the campaign whose story had centred on being told by doctors she could never have children then revealed she was pregnant with her second baby; a truly heartwarming moment.


Which leads us to the end of the segment, where Rachel reflected on how the campaign has impacted our community and us.

‘Watching over the videos and reliving each mother’s journey, has touched our hearts time and time again. But it’s been sharing mother’s stories, both the heartbreaking and heartwarming tales that have moved our community so much more than we ever expected.”

Sharing the campaign on social media and opening up the conversation around motherhood has blown us away. “Women have shared deeply intimate stories about their personal journeys with us and connected with each other as a community, be it about the joys or the heartbreaking times of their journey towards motherhood, it has brought a sense of connectedness.”

This is something we as a brand are so proud of and if having the campaign featured on national TV can bring even wider awareness to motherhood and its many journeys so that women, mums and soon to be mums don’t feel alone and can thrive together, then we couldn’t ask for anything more.

But, if you were to ask us as two girls from Tas, if we’d ever dream of one day having a jewellery brand that would make it onto national TV? We wouldn’t have believed you. 

To watch a behind the scenes of Rachel’s trip to Sydney, see our video reel here or to read motherhood stories from our campaign see our Etch collection page here.

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