Learn to love yourself a little this Valentine’s Day

It’s inspired stories and songs, created art and is one half of the best ever movie genre #romcomsarelyfe. And with a resume like that, it’s really no surprise that there’s an entire day dedicated to celebrating it. Yep, it’s almost that time of year again. Flowers are everywhere, you can’t go a day without seeing a heart, and we all know that that love heart chocolate is only days away from being discounted.


And whether you’re coupled-up or not, Valentine’s is truly about celebrating love in all its many forms - romantic, family and self. So with that in mind here are a few ways to help you love yourself.


  1. Passion is vital and life is short, so run towards those things that both scare and excite you, they are often the most rewarding. Most importantly though, remember to keep your values at the heart of everything you do, they should guide your actions.


  1.  We all have off days, but try to find something to be grateful for every day. This will help you to shift your mind and your energy towards positivity! If you’re the kinda gal that likes to write things down, the Queen of everything amazing and organisey, Kiki K, makes a super adorable Gratitude Journal.


  1. That critical voice that resides within you, is not you! Find a way to help you jolt yourself out of your negative thoughts! We like to wear the LOVE charm as a little reminder to love ourselves even on our darker days.


  1. Start your day by telling yourself something positive and remember your attitude to the world determines the world’s attitude to you!


  1. Treat yo’self with those Valentine’s Day chocolates. Not only is chocolate wonderfully delicious, some of the compounds found in chocolate release endorphins which make you happy! In fact, scientists have found that eating chocolate can be better than being in love! You’ll totally be loving yourself when you give into that chocolatey goodness.  

Now go buy that chocolate and create your own personalised piece here> xx

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