'La Vie En Rose' | The Exclusive Collection for Rachel's Special Day

The visionary behind the brand and co-founder, Rachel Vasicek sits down with us to divulge the inspiration behind her latest collection, ‘La Vie En Rose’. A collection that she has personally been excited for, for years.
Many years ago the Radcliffe collection was created for Founder Hannah’s wedding and she has patiently awaited the moment where she would create something for her very own special day.
Come on a journey of love with us as our Creative Director shares every detail of her special day. Seeing the world through rose coloured glasses ‘La Vie En Rose’ is a personal reflection of Rachel’s personality & eye for detailed design



First things first, can you tell us a little bit about the concept behind the design for ‘La Vie En Rose’? Where did you find inspiration? 
I  hand drew all the designs whilst on location in cradle mountain shooting our latest collection. I was sitting in front of a roaring fire and the design just came to me. The Collection will be called ‘La vie en Rose’ a nod to my wedding dress fabric & my middle name (Rachel Rose). The Jewellery designs feature chunky gold roses and baroque pearls. The Rose Statement Earrings were the earrings I wore throughout the Ceremony, and were traditional yet had a little modern flare being miss matched in design.
I also created a beautiful blue stone & pearl design called, Something Blue, that I didn’t end up wearing but was inspired by a family heirloom I wore on my hand. The Muir Statement Earrings were worn to my reception  and brought the fun & free spirit. They were mother of pearl with cascading freshwater pearls. 
The journey took me into a whirlwind of design possibilities and before I knew it, I had designed for all my personalities hah! The classic and the edgy are present but it was the concept of Roses that captured my heart
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Can you share with us the vision for your wedding?
As a Creative Director I knew that I wanted some sort of artistic element to our wedding. A huge part of that was our collaboration with my cousin Jai Vasicek. His art truly encapsulates feminine beauty & free spirit, exactly how I wanted to feel on my day. .
While creativity was important, the day still needed to last for years to come. It was a balance between innovative design and traditional elegance. I worked very closely with my amazing stylist and planner Dear Leone to achieve this. 




Can you share the theme / inspo? And who brought this to life for you? 
Artistic free spirited elegance! A romantic garden wedding, showcasing the natural beauty of Tasmania through Scenery, florals & art. 
I worked alongside my amazing wedding planner Dear Leone who made our dream come to life. I had always wondered if planners were “worth it” … something looking back now having experienced the work that goes into an amazing day I can say they’re worth every cent. Gelissa quickly became someone I greatly admired, she has a knack for understanding creative visions and actually executes them. She worked tirelessly to find little details that resonated with Dave and I, she found vendors who were true legends and she pulled off the wedding of the year. 


Tell us about the floral arrangements? 
We chose traditional romantic white & green florals for our ceremony and artistic modern florals for our reception featuring warm tones and orchids. The overall vibe was super classy with texture, romantic moments & contrast. We worked with Dear Leone, who did an incredible job planning and bringing the wedding together as well as articulating our vision through styling. The floral arrangements were beautifully created by The Romantics.
Lani from the romantics is a true sweetheart! If she were a flower I swear she would be a rose! She was the most beautiful person to work with and brought a warmth to every meeting that assured me that she was going to create something truly special. 




You worked with Jai Vasicek for your table settings. Can you share more about this and how / why you decided on this?
This was one of the most exciting and suspenseful parts of our wedding. It was a last minute idea and it was a rush to get the linen printed, stitched & hemmed. We always knew jai would be involved in some way but the table cloths were the ultimate dream. They elevated the room and created such a moment. 
My cousin jai emanates the free spirit and carefree life of a party that I wanted to create on my day. We danced the night away together as cousins and it was so special to have him involved in the day. 




Talk us through the day, who did you get ready with? What happened? 
We got ready at a beautiful luxury boutique hotel in Hobart called The Islington. The Islington went above and beyond to ensure our day was seamless and it’s the little luxuries you don’t have at home that made it so special.
It was raining all morning which threw a spanner in the works for capturing my images in the Islington beautiful gardens. The rain however didn’t bring down our spirits for the day ahead. If we had to stand out in the rain in our dream location we were going to - my mentor messaged me early on and said “Rachel not everyone gets married in the rain” and from that moment on we committed. I stood outside for a moment in my fluffy white slippers holding an umbrella outside the islington and I knew everything would be ok. 
Hannah, Kelsie and Amy were my bridesmaids who were the most fun to get ready with. We woke up and ate a bougie breaky & got into our pj’s. When I found the hydrangea printed pjs I fell in love, they are from @pyama and we’re not sponsored. However, I was so amazed by their brilliant customer service. I would highly recommend. 
One of the most CRUCIAL and hard parts of designing the wedding was finding bridesmaid dresses that I loved. I feel the shiny satin is often the only choice a bride can work with and this pained me. Finding the chocolate brown Sir dresses was a huge win. The fact I escaped the shiny satin look was a huge tick in the planning, leaving them to the month before our wedding to find. 


You arrived at the venue and then what happened… . 
The suspense of the rain holding off, definitely made for a rush to the finish line. We arrived and were blessed with an hour of no rain, it was a true miracle. The ceremony began and the bridal party made their way to the beautiful whimsical arch where Dave burst into tears watching them. At this moment all guests including Dave were asked to face the other way so I could get to my sandstone staircase. Dave turned for his reveal and dropped his head with tears flowing. Then all 120 guests turned at once for the reveal. 



Your ceremony dress by Pallas Couture, talk us through your design process? 
Working with Pallas Couture was a collaborative effort and a surprise for me. I imagined myself in a silk slip on my wedding day with no bridal vibes. As soon as I put on their iconic bustier I was in love!! I don’t consider myself a girly girl so the fabric choice was imperative to feel like myself. I didn’t want the fluffy frills of a big gown, I just wanted to feel effortlessly sexy yet elegant. We worked on the overall shape and it was all custom made to my measurements. After many many trips from Tas to Sydney we had the dress shape. I pointed pallas in the direction of traditional romantic lace featuring roses as a nod to my middle name and they delivered beyond expectations. They created the perfect balance of elegance & sexyness with the skirt being sheer so you could see my legs and silhouette ever so slightly. 


When did you get changed into your second dress?
After our main photos at 8pm I was so excited to get out of my big gown and into my party dress. The Zimmerman brought out my inner child & party animal. I spun in circles, dropped on the dance floor and bounced around with the biggest smile. If a dress can change a mood this one certainly brought the party out. 
Dave and I walked up the paths of the gardens looking back at the party happening behind us. Spinning, twirling and kissing under the moonlight as lost in love photography snapped away. It was so dreamy! 


Share details with us about the night's highlights?
Loving all things Italian our amazing caterers imported huge wheels of cheese from Italy for cocktail hour. Bruny island oysters were in abundance and the acoustic live music entertained our guests. After our cocktail hour in the conservatory we were met with a live sax player. He led the whole crew down the rolling hills of the botanical gardens blasting tunes as we all danced our way to the marquee reception. Festoon lights guided us and the party kicked off. 


Who photographed your wedding? 
My wonderful close friends at Lost In Love photographed our wedding day. There’s something pretty amazing about the people behind the lense on your day not only being incredible at what they do but also being so proud to be seeing their friends get hitched. Daniel & Liv captured our day with Shakira doing the social media content creation. They are true professionals and as you can see their work is flawless. I would choose them every day of the week and I’m so grateful Lyndel, my beautiful girlfriend and owner of lost in love made it all happen for us. 

Any other details you can share on your special day that are important?
I custom made Dave’s signet ring wedding gift in solid gold. I hand drew the design and then transferred this on to my computer where I created it digitally. It features his initials, a lion & a beautiful quote in Latin that we hold close to our hearts. He wore this on the day! 
The menus featured our love story in free form artwork, this was also displayed behind the bar. All of our joinery was custom made overseas by our Francesca shop front supplier. 
Weddings in Hobart at the botanical gardens are not common like other states. As there are no facilities to support the events it can be a logistical nightmare to create. The setup began on the Thursday before the wedding and went for days to create the most beautiful setting.


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