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Indulge in the lush and timeless world of the city of love, Paris. La Francesca Patisserie brings you the atmospheres and nostalgia of a place we oh so wish we could be in right now. With inspirational concepts, on trend yet classic designs, and a high end finish, welcome to the Parisian world, brought right to your door.

La Patisserie - Concept & Inspiration

Picture this; Smokey French cafes, the romantic European summer sun, moody nights in the hidden laneways of Paris. This and more is everything we took inspiration from for this collection. La Patisserie sits alongside collections we have created before. This collection provides thick, lush pieces for elegant occasions, while still being versatile and at a wildly competitive price point. At a time where travel seems to be just a distant memory, the subtle nods to French pastries and cafes makes us feel somewhat connected to the idea of adventure in other cities. Why waste time wishing to indulge in a glorious French croissant, when we can bring the croissant to you to marvel at every day. Only catch? This collection is sadly not edible!

The soft, romantic tones are ones that provided a huge inspiration for this collection. You will notice that these pieces do not use sharp or strong lines. Instead, they flow in loose twists, and have an incredibly subdued tone and overall finish. We’ve kept this collection simple, focusing on a few very special new designs so as not to overwhelm with choice. Like Paris, these pieces draw inspiration and life from art, culture, fashion and food. We urge you to delve deeper into the world we have created for you with our La Francesca Patisserie Collection.

The Designs

Two new rings - Three new earrings

Exciting inspiration meets flawless design with our 5 new pieces in La Patisserie. We have focused on two design concepts, and provided a range of wearable options for both. Amour, being the French word for love, is illustrated by the Amour Band, and the Amour Hoops. Both of our Amour products use a simple, thick band design making them perfect to pair with so many different looks. The Amour Band and Hoops are available in solid sterling silver, or a 14K rose or yellow gold 2 micron plating on Brass. The band flows from a thicker top side, to a thinner underside making it not feel bulky on the hand. The thickness though, makes it stand out and look elegant and lush. Being Nickel free, the Amour Hoops make a great staple for sensitive ears. For someone after rich and lush hoops, look no further than these for an on trend design made with pure metals.

Our Patisserie Band is a unique design, featuring a twisted, spiral body and a flat underside, this band is the perfect combination of elegance, and simplicity. This design has also been made into Patisserie Hoops, and Patisserie Huggies, for both a statement and subtle option in the ear. Like our other products, these are available in solid sterling silver, or gold plated on brass. Our brass base is a very solid metal that gold bonds with strongly. This means that these pieces are very strong wearing, and you won’t risk chipping or dinging the plating.

These designs are almost as delicious as the pastry we modelled it off. But remember, La Patisserie is for wearing, not eating!

How to wear La Patisserie

La Francesca Patisserie brings a touch of elegance to your jewellery styling. Whether you want to glam up for evening attire, or bring a little sparkle to your day, we’ve got you covered with these pieces. They are perfectly versatile, and each metal tone is very wearable with an array of colour palettes. Being plated pieces, these are best kept for special occasions, and worn sparingly to elongate the life of the metals.

Each earring and ring works wonderfully on it’s own, or paired with a huge range of other pieces. The Patisserie Band, and Amour Band worn together are a beautiful look on separate fingers of the same hand. Try wearing Amour on your pointer finger, and Patisserie on your middle for a comfortable yet stylish placement. These can also be layered well with a range of our other rings, including the Mim Ring, or Dolly Ring. Either the Amour or Patisserie Hoops are perfect in a 1st piercing, with the Patisserie Huggies sitting well in a 2nd piercing to match. Alternatively, add a pair of our studs in your 2nd or 3rd piercings for a layered look.

La Patisserie makes a thoughtful gift for a loved one, spreading the message of hope and inspiration despite what our current climate brings. These pieces are perfect for the girl who loves adventure, travel, and the finer things in life. Make the most out of our free gift wrapping, and purchase from La Francesca Patisserie for someone who you know would love these designs. Or keep the Parisian paradise for yourself to indulge in.. we don’t blame you!

With on trend designs, pure metal quality, and infinite styling possibilities, you’ll adore this jewellery inspired trip to French cafes and romantic days. We are so delighted to bring you this collection, so make sure you explore our designs before they say Au Revoir.

Whether you are stuck at home and needing a fresh look, or just wanting something a little bit special for your next event, say Bonjoir to La Francesca Patisserie!


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