Introducing the Fable Collection by Francesca

Escape to when every story began with once upon a time and ended happily ever after with Francesca’s summer collection, Fable. See the inspiration behind the campaign and how we brought our fairytale to life

Fable: a short story that tells a moral truth - Cambridge Dictionary

Francesca is proud to introduce our summer hero collection for 2022, the Fable collection. Inspired by nature, from floral motifs to the skies above, this limited edition collection encourages you to take a moment to slow down, remember back to your childhood when you found the little things captivating. With themes of natural beauty, inspiration, inner strength and appreciating the small moments, each piece is designed to transport you to be the main character in your own story.

The Fable - Video Transcript

Once upon a time, life wasn't quite so complicated. 

I often wonder why as we grow older, the little joys tend to slip from our focus? 

If I could tell you what it is that we so often miss in the haste of life, it is that life can be as slow and as savoured as we wish it to be. It does not mean that life won’t have its challenges, busy moments, or demand things from us. But what it is that keeps me hopeful and fulfilled, is really quite simple. 

It’s about never losing that sense of wonder and awe in every day and the natural beauty that surrounds us.

The wisdom is in knowing that it is always there, to be savoured, to be found, and to be held. 

So I ask you, how will you savour every moment of this precious life?

The Location

With nature at the heart of inspiration for the campaign we were on the hunt for the perfect environment to make the vision come to life. Francesca was founded in Tasmania, a state well known for its stunning natural beauty so it was no surprise that when scouting for a location we found it right here in our home state. Shot at the Cob Barn located in Lilydale in the north of the state, the homestead was an incredible setting to make the fairytale a reality.


The Look and Feel

It is so important to us for our customers to have an experience unboxing their new pieces whether they purchase in store or online. We are proud to offer complimentary gift wrapping with all our products so for our hero collection we had to go that extra mile:

  • Scrunchie - as a thank you to our customers we wanted to create a special gift for Fable. We designed some gorgeous custom scrunchies featuring a floral design as a bonus with each order, while stocks last. Francesca commissioned  Be Hers Sewing Centre in Hobart to manufacture the scrunchies. The centre employs women from a refugee background to create opportunities and work experience.
  • Fable Collector Cards -  we developed three original story cards representing elements of the collection with each order receiving one card to collect, while stocks last.
  • Packaging - limited edition Fable packaging featuring the motifs from the Collector Cards

The Characters

Every Fable has characters to tell the story, so we wanted to continue that theme and developed three original story cards representing elements of the collection:
  • Little Dreamer - Uplifting and supportive
  • Lioness - Strength and heart
  • Sungazer - Reminiscence and hope 

The Jewellery

The influence of nature on the Fable collection has emerged in the pieces through flowers, moon and star motifs and the colour green is widely featured with semi-precious stone elements incorporated throughout. 

Personalised jewellery is at the heart of Francesca so we designed four new charms in this collection which can be customised to create four necklace styles made with the chain of your choice. You can also attach the charm to any of our vast range of charm bracelets, including a new Fable Bracelet created for the collection.

Earrings are a huge star of Fable, with a huge array of stud earrings, hoop earrings and drop earrings which will be fantastic for the upcoming holiday season and special events. New to this collection, we developed the hoops to have detachable charms, allowing you to wear the pieces two ways.

Our customers love our ring collection so three new unique ring styles finish off this limited edition capsule collection. 

The best part about the collection is how incredible it looks styled together, each piece designed to layer, mix and match with one another and complement your existing Francesca pieces. As always, most pieces are available in our three metal tones - sterling silver, rose gold and yellow gold.

The limited edition Fable collection launches on 18 October 2022 with pieces starting from $29.00.

Ready to write your new chapter this Summer?  Shop the Fable Collection here - available online and in store. Don’t forget to also sign up to our mailing list to be the first to know about new season drops before they land in store. 
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