How To Wear A Long Pearl Necklace

Audrey Hepburn may have made pearl necklace chokers famous but now coming into 2020, it’s all about long pearl necklaces. 

Be it a pearl drop necklace, coin pearl necklace, round pearl necklace or keshi natural pearl necklace, as long as it’s a long pearl necklace, it doesn’t matter which shape you go for, as long as you add a little length this Summer, the world is your oyster! 

As a brand who features pearls regularly as part of our staple collections at Francesca it’s safe to say we love long line pearl necklaces but don’t just take our word for it! 

Look to the latest in Hollywood runway trends and you’ll notice a whole string of celebrities wearing long pearl necklaces. And not just the dainty, polished and poised women either, in fact long pearl necklaces are becoming quite the rock star statement.

From Rihanna, to Kim Kardashian and style guru Sarah Jessica Parker, all the biggest style icons have recently been spied wearing a pearl drop necklace or 10 in the name of fashion.

But the big question is, when it comes to a long pearl necklace, how do you actually pull it off? Which option do you opt for and how do you ‘werk’ it ?!

Well, as women who work with designer jewellery all day at Francesca, eerry day we’ve pretty much played around with, rocked and dabbled in every jewellery trend out there. We know what looks hot and what’s not when it comes to pearls from a classic choker to a pearl drop necklace and everything in between. 

So we’ve decided to compile a guide on how to wear a long pearl necklace along with the various types and lengths to choose from.

The Francesca Guide to Long Pearl Necklaces 

The five types of pearl necklace lengths … plus how to wear long pearl necklaces!

  1. The choker
    The ‘Choker’ pearl necklace is the most iconic Audrey Hepburn length, ranging at about 14-16 inches long. It’s chic, it’s short, it’s understated and it goes with any sophisticated affair. However, as we mentioned, chokers are taking a backseat now to more long pearl necklaces. So unless shopping for an elder loved one like a mother or grandmother, perhaps skip the choker and choose from one of the below long pearl necklace lengths.

  1. The princess

A slightly longer length than a choker, the ‘Princess’ is a more classic cut long pearl necklace measured at 17-19 inches long. Generally speaking, it’s the most common length for a pearl necklace and a safer bet for those who aren’t game enough yet for a belly grazing long pearl necklace but aren’t wanting something quite so collar bone cutting as a choker.

A princess pearl necklace works well with both high necklines and plunging low cut necklines. The perfect compromise between a short and a long pearl necklace length.

  1. The matinee 

For the gal who’s up for a more game longer style pearl necklace, then a ‘Matinee’ is your next best bet! Measuring between 20-24 inches long, the matinee is a long pearl necklace that sits below the bust and has a flattering ability to draw people’s eyes in a vertical direction from chest to belly, making you appear slimmer.

A matinee pearl necklace can dress up a simple classic look (hello jeans and plain black tee) or look amazing with a tight fitted tank and skirt.

  1. The opera 

Just like the opera itself, the ‘Opera’ pearl necklace is a bold and beautiful statement length at 25-35 inches. It’s dramatic yet a sight to behold. It demands attention and wearing this long pearl necklace is sure to provoke and entice an audience, so gals who want to flirt with life a little will love the opera length.

Worn as a statement piece against a stunning backdrop such as a silk dress or plunging cami or  blouse, the opera is a long pearl necklace that will make you want to dress to impress.

  1. The rope

Sexy AF, the rope is the longest of all long pearl necklaces. At a billowing length of 38+ inches, the ‘Rope’ is the kind of long pearl necklace you could just wear on its own while naked. Think of that iconic scene where Rose says ‘paint me like when of your French girls’ in Titanic... except wearing a beautiful strand of pearls rather than an opal.

A luxe length that can be layered or worn as a stand out piece, the beauty of the rope is it’s such a long pearl necklace that it can be doubled up and layered as two to three necklaces, knotted in the centre (hello 1920s flapper fashion) or worn slung over the shoulder of a backless dress, hello Hollywood glamour! 

While each longer line pearl necklace rocks ts own style vibe and works well as a statement look, at Francesca we’re all about the mid to longer lengths.

To give you a sneak peek into what we think is hot right now pearl necklace wise, here is a wrap of the latest pearl drop necklaces and long pearl necklaces we’re loving from our own collection.


The Franc Pearl Necklaces Edit:

Plus, how to wear a long pearl necklace at any length.


  • The River Pearl Necklace - A perfectly imperfect pearl drop necklace on a solid gold or sterling silver chain. Perfect for a ladies lunch or evening look. Buy it here.

  • The Keshi Pearl Necklace - A edgier round long pearl necklace with optional longer length on a 50cm adjustable chain, choose from a sterling silver or solid gold metal base. We love the Keshi layered with other fine gold or silver necklaces for a modern day wear look. Buy it here.

  • The Ivory Pearl Necklace - The most iconic style pearl drop necklace, the Ivory looks beautiful as a stand alone piece on the neckline, either accentuating your natural beauty in a classic tee and jeans or adding a sophisticated look to a dinner party or date night. Buy it here.

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