How to Style And Layer Necklaces with Francesca Jewellery

Discover the art of draping necklaces along your decolletage with how-to layer necklaces guide including diamond necklace and pendant necklace styles.

Layered necklaces are having a serious moment right now.

Just look at the queen of pop Rihanna, if there's one thing she has rocked like a goddess these past nine months apart from a blossoming bump, it’s the art of knowing how to layer necklaces - from a pendant necklace, a diamond necklace, gemstone necklace.

Throughout her recent pregnancy Rihanna has been seen flaunting layered necklace looks like no tomorrow.

From pregnancy body chains to diamond necklace encrusted feature pieces, to pendant necklace layers through to birthstone and gemstone necklaces that hang below the navel, the layered necklace jewellery trend is back big time… and we’re so here for it.

While belly button body chains may be a little off the chain and potentially too hot to handle, especially given Winter right now in Aus, we are so loving the return of layered necklaces. 

The best part of the trend too is that it takes the onus away from what you’re wearing (and let’s be honest sometimes winter fashion can be a little more drab or same same) and puts the wow factor back into any look, day or night.

With the layered necklace look here to stay, we’ve created a go-to guide that gives you all the latest tips on how to layer necklaces, how to mix and match diamond necklace and pendant necklace designs, how to choose your chains carefully, how to wear layered necklaces without tangling them up (as that’s definitely a thing!) and even share the layered necklaces that don't tangle available from Francesca.

For those ready to rock it like Rihanna read on for our how to layer necklace guide below.

4 Ideas For How To Layer Necklaces 

1. Choose your chains 

It’s not uncommon that when we think about necklaces we naturally gravitate towards the key feature to it (such as a diamond necklace or pendant necklace) because often it’s what catches our eye or holds sentimental meaning.

However often the undervalued element, the chain itself, can really make or break a layered necklace look.

When layering, we encourage you to mix and match chains, choosing different chain sizes, chain features or chain textures and often starting with a smaller fine chain at the collar bone and working up to a chunkier mid length chain and a longer statement chain featuring a pendant necklace or diamond necklace to complete the look.

Currently in our chain collection we’re loving both the Snake Chain (for choker layered necklace looks) and Farrah Chain (for mid length layered looks) with both ideal options for layered necklaces that don’t tangle and look good.

The Snake Chain is a short chain with 90s vintage flair, a perfect in-between piece that suits a shorter choker necklace layered look. See the Snake Chain on site here for style inspo, seen paired with pearl necklace and a rope chain necklace.

The Farrah Chain in contrast is more of a mid-length with much chunkier chain links that gives off a super industrial chic look and pairs well as a statement necklace alongside beaded gemstone necklaces and or fine long chain pendant necklaces. See the Farrah Chain on site here style inspo, seen paired with Woodstock chain and Woodstock stone pendant necklace.


2. Play around

The truth is there are no hard and fast rules to layering necklaces. While it can be an art, a creative expression and for sure a statement look, it’s not rocket science. Rihanna is proof that before she began rocking belly chains, it wasn’t a thing to wear low hanging necklaces around the navel, but she did it and voila - a new trend was born.

The best way to know what works is to just have fun with it, play around with different chains, looks, stones, metals and pendants and learn how to layer necklaces by compiling a combo that feels fun and like you!

For those a little nervous to start we recommend two ways to learn how to layer necklaces while having fun with it.

The first option for those new to necklace layering is to go in person to visit our Hobart or Melbourne CBD stores and play with our varying chains and types - from a pendant necklace, diamond necklace, beaded necklace, chain necklace etc. 

By visiting us it will also allow you to have an in-store experience, styling advice or guidance from our amazing Francesca staff and suss out lengths and multiple options in the mirrors before purchasing. 

Alternatively, if you’re more into playing around and curating looks depending on your mood or an upcoming occasion, we recommend sussing out our Francesca site and Instagram for styling ideas and our latest collections and then just feeling into what resonates. Perhaps buy a mix of colours and or metals and chains and freely curate depending on style vibe that day.

 The only tip here is to decide if you want to do a three tier layered necklace look which is therefore guided by choosing one same type of necklace chains and adjusting differing lengths or if you go a short choker layered necklace look and choose three different chain looks all the same length.

Note: all Francesca chains from choker to long are 100% adjustable.


3. Pick a pendant

…and by pendant we mean any feature piece that’s going to draw eyes to you. Think of the pendant or feature piece as the creme da la creme or icing on the cake, the piece that transforms layered necklace chains to a statement look.

It can be anything from a vintage locket necklace through to a singular diamond necklace, a pearl necklace, pendant necklace, a charm necklace or one of our Etch Collection pieces with sentimental words engraved across the surface.

Using your pendant necklace as the anchor piece, we recommend then layering necklaces around it and choosing chains that suit the look. For example, if a locket necklace is your feature piece, maybe choose fine chains such as our Bobble Chain or Franc Create chain to go with it. Alternatively if going for a pendant necklace or charm necklace, perhaps chains such as Hendrix Chain, Woodstock Chain or Fleetwood Chain will vibe it up and add an eclectic element.

4. Keep it simple

Layering necklaces can be fun and creative but sometimes also a little overwhelming. If this feels true for you, then we recommend going back to basics and keeping it simple to start.

By simplifying chains and styles and opting for a low fuss or low maintenance look, the bonus too is that you can find styles that are more wearable and user friendly too. One of the obvious reasons people may avoid layering is the mere thought of hair or chains becoming all tangled up.

To make it an easy breezy experience and build your confidence with learning how to wear layered necklaces without tangling, we’ll talk you through our go-to chain styles and easiest layered necklaces that don’t tangle.

First step: get specific about what chain feels comfy, easy to style and simple to slip on and off.

Shorter chains we love that are easy to layer and make for layered necklaces that don’t tangle from our collection are:

Snake Chain, the Farrah Chain and Rope Chain. These three all are made with metal loops that are chunky and are near impossible (if not, impossible) to tangle. 

Mix and match any of these short chunky chains together and or with another necklace type such as a pearl necklace or beaded birthstone necklace and keeping the same colours or solid gold or sterling silver thread throughout. 

For those who like longer layered necklaces, keep in mind that fine chains are a little more likely to tangle.

For the sake of fashion and good style we’re all for taking risks, so don’t be disheartened, but perhaps only choose one fine or longer chain to go with chunky chain loops OR consider keeping hair in an up-do to avoid tangling.

Long chains we love for layering include: Bobble Chain, Hendrix Chain or the Decade Fob Necklace paired with Hendrix Stone Necklace, pendant necklace such as our Rope Letter Pendant, diamond necklace or a pearl necklace such as our Lulu Pearl Necklace

For more style inspo on how to layer necklaces without tangling see our instagram page here or buy layered necklaces that don’t tangle head to Francesca online store here.

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