How To Safely Get A Ring Off / How To Remove A Stuck Ring Safely


It’s a typical scenario that we (as women) face more often than we’d like to...You get married and swear you’ll never remove your wedding ring, like ever. But then life slowly starts to get in the way.


You decide to do a little crazy finger painting with the kids, treat yourself to a day of self care (hello hand massage!) or go on a holiday that requires you to remove your jewellery at the airport security gate.


Next minute, you’re faced with removing what is now a rather glued on ring, and without expecting it, you’re stuck and you can’t get your ring off. Your finger is now so swollen there’s no way that ring will budge.


Yep, you’re officially experiencing what could be considered the most typical woe (or ailment even) a jewellery lover/wearer ever faces the dreaded ‘ring stuck on a finger’ predicament. 


We’ve all been there. But first things first, before we talk you through it, whatever you do, don’t panic. 


The only way you will get that ring off is by relaxing. If you don’t, you’ll risk ‘ring avulsion’ and let’s just say that’s not something you want (or even want to Google, trust us on this…!). 


It can be quite scary when your ring gets stuck on your finger, so, to make sure all our Francesca fam and jewellery lovers are getting the best experience out of ring wearing as possible, we’ve created a simple ‘How To Get A Ring of a Swollen Finger Guide’ so you can keep rocking your bling (and removing it) without any hiccups along the way. 


Read on for our simple tips on how to swerve the risks of ring avulsion and get a ring off safely whenever you need to!

According to Harvard Medical School, one safe and effective way to smoothly remove a ring stuck on your finger is to thread a little string or dental floss underneath the band. Once the string is looped through, tightly wrap the string around the finger all the way over the lower knuckle. From there use the other end of the string (that was threaded under the ring) to unravel the string. Often the ring will begin to move over the string as it unwraps. For a visual guide, check out the Harvard guide here.
When we panic, our first natural inclination is often to tug and pull at the ring stuck on our finger to try to get it off. But this is actually the worst thing we could do. Instead, try twisting the ring slowly in one direction like a corkscrew, trying to shift the band enough to bring movement into it and slowly ease the ring off. Remember, being rough or rushed could cause further aggravation or swelling, so aim to twist slowly. 
3. OIL UP 
One of the most simple ways to get a ring off a swollen finger is by raiding your kitchen or bathroom cupboards and sourcing any slippery, liquid substance, lubricant or oil that you can slather around the band. Think anything from coconut oil, olive oil, vegetable oil, butter to hand lotion, dishwashing liquid, baby oil, shampoo or conditioner or body moisturiser.
So you’ve given every method a go and you’re finger has just become even more swollen. The best suggestion at this point is to try a little first aid 101 with the RICE method (rest, ice, compress and elevate). While not designed specifically to help you get a ring off a swollen finger, the premise of it is to reduce swelling and is often the go-to option for any strain or sprain. 
    A last resort, but sometimes the only way to get a ring off, is to call on a professional with a ring cutter. Often owned by ring / jewellery shops and hospitals, ring cutters are a more hardcore option for getting a ring off a swollen finger. Make sure the person utilising it is trusted (preferably at the hospital) and that it really is your last option for getting the ring off.

    Note: while in the heat of the moment it may seem easier, it will cost you later on not only in ring replacement but will likely tug on those sentimental heart strings too if you have to say goodbye to the original ring so make sure you don’t rush this decision.
    For more simple ideas on how to remove a ring stuck on a finger, we also recommend checking out Healthline’s ‘How To Get A Ring Off A Swollen Finger Guide’ here or VeryWell Health’s ‘Remove A Ring Stuck On Your Finger’ guide here.

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