How to Create the Perfect Charm Bracelet


For centuries, charm bracelets have been one of the purest forms of self-expression, designed to tell stories and remember adventures. Handmade in Tasmania, our Create Bracelets are truly one of a kind and designed specifically for charms. Which of our bracelets are specifically designed for charms you ask? A great rule of thumb is to remember that any of our bracelets with the ‘bar’ feature can easily have charms attached to them! 

We’ve created a guide to help you create the perfect charm bracelet for yourself or your loved ones. Our semi-precious stones and charms all embody a unique meaning which is amazing for personalisation, to create a truly meaningful piece of jewellery. 

Ace Your Base

It all begins with the bracelet, to help you choose the best base for your charms, we’ve put together a helpful list of categories below. 

Stones with Meaning 

Our Charm Bracelets (our most popular, standard bead size) and petite Allure Bracelets all feature semi-precious stones, their own unique stone meaning and add a gorgeous pop of colour to your wrist!

White Agate and Black Agate are the stones of strength and are a neutral choice to add a light or dark stone to your look. Blue Moonstone is the stone of hope and a beautiful choice for an ethereal neutral piece.

Rhodonite, the stone of support, is a stunning deep pink and emphasises the importance of having people around who truly believe in you. We can’t forget about our ever-popular Rose Quartz, the stone of love, reminding you that when you open your heart to the world, the world opens its heart to you. 

Blush stone bracelets with charms added to them

Lover of travel and adventure? Look no further than our Turquoise charm bracelet, the stone of adventure, a reminder that you must climb the mountain to appreciate the view at the top! 

African Amazonite, the stone of courage, encourages the wearer to utilise the strength that lives within each of us. Our Lapis Lazuli charm bracelet represents the stone of purpose, in a divine navy coloured stone, you can be reminded of the bigger picture in life.  We also have to mention our Crazy Agate, the stone of laughter, a gorgeous piece to cherish! 

The Ava Bracelet is a unique design, featuring semi-precious howlite stones and four bars to add charms to. Howlite is the stone of awareness, gives a reminder to be present and forget yesterday or tomorrow as today is the best gift we all have. Mangano Calcite is a gorgeous pale pink milky stone and represents new beginnings, perfect for when you’re starting a new chapter in life! 


Classic Metal Tones 

Wanting to stick to a plain metal tone of your choice? Your wish is our command! We have charm bracelets available in sterling silver, rose gold and yellow gold. Our Franc Create Charm Bracelet is available in 4mm and 6mm beads and is a gorgeous classic design, designed to be worn every day. The Division Charm Bracelet is a beautiful petite sized bracelet that can be worn on its own or layered with other pieces for a stunning timeless design. For a statement, vintage-inspired design the Signature Chain Bracelet is the base for you! 

gold charm bracelets

Modern Pearl Designs 

Pearl represents potential and with all of our pearl designs threaded on industrial strength elastic, featuring freshwater pearls, they make for a stunning keepsake. The Petite Pearl Charm Bracelet and Pearl Division Bracelet are all-time favourites, designed with elegance and timelessness in mind. The Pearl Charm Bracelet is the most classic of them all, and features the meaning that ‘a challenge is simply an opportunity disguised as a problem’. For a unique design with only a hint of pearl, the Dahlia Bracelet is the one for you! 

pearl charm bracelets

Charms with Meaning - So Charming! 

This is where the fun really begins! To personalise your bracelet, our charms are absolutely beautiful! Our ever-popular Alpha Charm elevates your piece instantly, with all letters of the alphabet available. Along with our Zodiac and Birthstone charms, your charm bracelet is destined to become a special personalised piece (we recommend the slightly smaller charm designs on bracelets). 

The Grace Charm features one of our favourite meanings, ‘when someone is unapologetically themselves, that’s the true essence of beauty’. The Shore Pearl Charm is a beloved design, featuring a freshwater pearl, giving the reminder that the etchings on your shell reflect who you are. 

For a neutral option that is certain to be treasured, the Elysian Charm reminds the wearer that ‘paradise exists in moments’ and to focus on the things that really matter before they pass you by. Wanting to add a little bit of sparkle to your charm bracelet? The Axial Charm is a tiny and beautiful star design that pairs well with any bracelet! A lover of pearls? The Keshi Pearl Charm is the perfect size to add to your charm bracelet. 

Browse our charms for a closer look at the complete range and to find each of their unique meanings. Not sure which charms and bracelets work well together? That’s where we come in! Visit us in store, send a message to customer care or take a peek at our pre-made designs such as the Shore Pearl Bracelet, Globe Bracelet and Petite Zodiac Bracelet

charms in different symbolic designs

Friendship Bracelets 

Want to be matching with your bestie? There are no rules when creating a bracelet you’ll both adore! Our recommendation is to choose a stone or charm that has special meaning to you both. Can’t decide on charms? We love the Fusion Charm with the meaning ‘there is no bond greater than this’ or the Unity Charm which emphasises that ‘what unites us is far stronger than what divides us’. For something more petite, the Infinite Charm features the quote ‘there’s no limit to what we’ve got’.  

charms bracelets worn by model, in boxes and layed out on a book

No matter the occasion, our charm bracelets are a beautiful way to express yourself, treat your loved ones or celebrate the relationship you have with someone special in your life. Don’t forget, we offer complimentary gift wrapping at checkout! xx

Black and white wrapped boxes, bracelets in boxes and francesca signature packaging

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