Guide To Choosing Rings for Large Fingers - Australia Sizes

For those who’ve ever thought, what is my ring size - Australia sizing that is - we’ve got you.

Rings are the kind of luxe adult rite of passage that we tend to indulge in a little later in life, whether it’s 20’s, 30’s, getting engaged, married or just as a ‘treat yo’self’ glow up.
The tricky thing we don’t think about though until we begin eyeing bejewelled pieces, is that just like a bra or pair of heels it’s not one size fits all.
Depending on brand and or international ring sizes, it’s normal to wonder ‘what is my ring size in Australia?’ or to be unsure what the best rings for large fingers (and Australian made) are? 
Ring sizes are bespoke to the individual woman and shopping for the perfect fit can be an art in itself.
That said, at Francesca we love empowering our community to make lifelong investments that they will love and that fit like a glove. With this in mind, we’ve created a ring size guide, bearing rings for large fingers - Australia sizes specifically, also in mind.
To learn what ring style, size, measurements will fit your finger best and especially those who are looking for rings for large fingers australia made, read on for our Franc ring guide below. 

A Style Guide To Choosing Rings 

Learn how to add bling to your ring finger with our style guide that will support you in finding the most flattering rings for large fingers (Australia made) through to tiny fingers.

1. Gloss Over Our Size Guide 

The best place to start before you get shopping is to learn about ring sizing and discover the answer to that elusive question, ‘what is my ring size - Australia sizing?’
Given that ring sizes can vary from country to country, for those wanting to purchase from Francesca and or learn about Australian ring sizes we highly recommend checking out our ring size guide.
The Fit Guide gives you the Australian, UK and US ring size measurements and the most handy part is, for those with access to a printer, you can print the PDF out and match it to a ring you already have (if you own a ring).
Note: for the most accurate ring size, the ring’s inside edge should match the outside of the circle.

For those who are yet to own a ring that’s fine too. Print this out and take it with you when you go ring shopping so that you can measure it on the day and confirm what the best fit’s diameter and circumference are.
With sizing ranging from 5 through to 9 we are proud to accommodate more than average jewellers and can confirm we stock and make rings for large fingers, australian made too.

2. Stack it up 

Be it on the same finger, two fingers or across two hands, stacking rings and mixing and matching is a great way to create a bling effect and take the focus off finger size.
Whether you feel self conscious about needing rings for large fingers in Australia jewellery collections or you just want to make a style statement that doesn’t bring a laser focus to the one ring, opting for multiple rings and stacking it up is a great way to take the focus off your fingers. 
To create a ring stack, we recommend opting for a two to three stack selection - think a thin base band, then a feature ring and/or a top thin band too.
For a base band or top layer ring try: Finley Ring, Andie Ring, Mim Ring, Dolly Ring.
Partner with a statement ring such as: Twine Ring, Amaretto Ring, Insignia Ring, Carlisle Ring

3. Style with size in mind

Just the way a chunky scarf can be styled to cover the neck more or less the same goes with rings.
Rings that are thin and delicate tend to style well with those with teeny or smaller sized fingers. 
In contrast, rings that are chunkier tend to suit large hands and diffuse any worry about ‘what rings for large fingers in Australia can I get that are still flattering?’ because they balance fingers out.
So, when in doubt, fit to your size. 
For thin style band rings try one of our bands such as: Entwine Ring, Binding Band, Andie Ring, Flemington Diamond Ring, Mim Ring, Dolly Ring.
For chunky style rings we love: Marley Band, Journey Band, Grey Band  Ascot Ring, Align Band, Signet Diamond Ring, Decade Ring, Mayfair Diamond Ring.

4. Take fashion cues

Look at what’s hot right now and select a ring or multiple based on the latest trends.
We love to take style cues from Instagram, through to celebrities, latest Fashion Week jewellery looks or magazines like Grazia’s How To Stack Rings In A High Fashion Way.
This Winter we’re loving thick gold bands stacked with rope bands and diamonds (see pic here).
Our thoughts are, if the rest of your body is covered up to stay toasty, why not bring a little extra bling to your hands and make them an eye-catching statement instead.
For more fun fashion forward looks see our Francesca Instagram page here or visit the online store here and check out each rings’ product page for style inspo from our shoots.
For more guidance on ring style or for those still wondering what is my ring size in Australia visit our Francesca stores in person in Melbourne CBD or Hobart CBD for a tailored ring fitting experience.
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