Green with Envy - Stack with Malachite


(Emerald) Green with Envy

Emerald green - a colour we never thought we would be so insanely in love with, until we came across the stone Malachite! It has the most incredible natural detailing throughout it, and every bead strung has its own unique flair!



The Stone of Transformation 

The stone of transformation definitely has a double meaning for us! Not only do we wear it for the reminder of personal growth in our lives, but we can definitely confirm from personal experience that it transforms your stack!! If you think your Franc Stack is looking a little bland, we would 100% recommend adding the Malachite Lumier Bracelet into your stack because it will make it look like a solid 10/10! 


Styled to Perfection

Now that you have your stack looking on point, you’ll be able to work it in to all of your outfits! It may seem like a bold colour choice to work into your outfits, but did you know that emerald green works with most colours?! Whilst emerald green and tortoiseshell are a match made in heaven, try pairing it with other neutrals like black, grey and white! You’ll nail the look in no time, and your stack will be the hero of your look, of course!!





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