Get Ready with Rach for her Wedding Day

It’s important for me to share that my wedding was not sponsored and that I truly believe in celebrating amazing vendors and the work they do! I think too often small businesses aren’t uplifted and praised enough for the work they do and this is my small way in spreading the word for these incredible businesses. 




The Islington was always my dream location for getting ready, as it is where Hannah also got ready for her special day. The Islington is a boutique luxury hotel right in the heart of South Hobart and offers an experience that is second to none. Mark the hotel manager made my day feel so special and catered to all our needs including an incredible breakfast the morning of our day. 

The manicured grounds of The Islington are otherworldly and I was devastated that it was raining so much during the morning of my day that I missed most of the photo opportunities in the garden. From the weeping willows to the stunning french doors and sandstone walls there are endless photo possibilities. 



I designed my dress alongside the amazing team at Pallas Couture and they were incredible! I was initially so nervous because when you’re designing a bespoke gown you have no real idea of how it will turn out until the last hour. The team at Pallas however gave me full confidence that they would execute my dream gown. I always envisioned myself in a simple slip dress so you can imagine my confusion when I was standing in the Pallas fitting room in full princess mode loving it. I knew it would be the one chance to really have a moment in a dress like that in my life so I took it. I wanted the dress to still show my edgy side as I am not typically too girly, and the sheer bodice and skirt gave it the fun I needed. 

I was amazed at how special they made every visit to Sydney and each time offering exciting progress. From the calico fitting, to selecting the fabric they were so collaborative. 


Jas - what an absolute sweetheart! Jas absolutely understood my brief for my hair! I wanted to create a glam look without a lot of structure! Jas worked with me in the lead up to my day with my hair trials as we worked to find the perfect hair on the day. Despite my hair being rained on from the minute I left the Islington it held up enough to see me through to the Reception, where Jas was an angel and came to the botanical gardens to fix the frizzy chaos I had created. I cannot thank her enough for getting out in the rain to save a sopping wet bride! 


My close girlfriend and wonder woman Jacquie created the perfect makeup look for my day! When we weren’t laughing all morning and taking the piss out of everything she was painting everyone's faces. She knew that I wanted to still feel like myself but a more elevated version and she provided! Jac is new to Hobart as a makeup artist and we are so fortunate to have her! She also works on a lot of Francesca’s campaign shoots and has the best can do attitude. 

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