Echoes of Motherhood: The Poetry of Jessica Urlichs

Jessica's Way With Words

No. 1 bestselling author, poet and mum, Jessica Urlichs has touched so many people with her beautiful words. Our collection with Jessica Urlichs is a beautiful meld of affirmations for you to keep her inspirational words close to your heart, always.

Take a read through some of her most profound poems published in her latest book, Beautiful Chaos. 

All I See Is You



When you feel as if you’ve achieved nothing,

please know, my cup has never been so full.

The days that get away from you will be some of my best

memories of us playing together on the ground.

I love you.


When you feel like you don’t know who you are any more, when

you turn away from the mirror. That face will be the one I look

to when I achieve something, the one I search for in a

crowd. The reason for my first smile.

You’re perfect to me.


When you feel like the weight of it all is heavy

in your heart, please know I’ve never felt lighter.

Can I lay here with you a little longer?

I won’t always need you like this.

But I need you right now.


Here With You


With You


Oh, how there are a million things to do

And I’ll do them, I will

I’ll do those too

But right now

I’ll just be,


With you.


Oh, how I want to sleep, I do

And one day, I will

I’ll sleep right through

But right now

I’ll just be,


With you.


Oh, how the days are long, it’s true

Yesterdays are many

But todays are few

So I’ll fill them up

With all of you

And simply be,


With you.


I once thought I was to show you the world, when all along you came to show me.


My Everything


I want to tell you everything I know,

carry you and guide you.

Yet somehow,

as your tiny finger points to things in wonder

and your eyes meet mine,

the paradigm shifts.

I once thought I was to show you the world,

when all along you came to show me.


If time were made of colour, you'd be my golden hour


If You were a Love Note


If time were made of colour

you’d be my golden hour.

If love was just a seed

you’d be each and every flower.

If the sky could whisper secrets

you’d be its wind and summer rain.

If the morning sun had arms

you’d be held again, again, again.

If my heartbeat was a language

you’d be its love letter at dawn.

If stardust formed a trail on earth

It would take me to when you were born.


You'll always be my baby, just heavier to hold or 

You'll always be my forever, and forever be my always


You’ll always be my baby

just heavier to hold


You’ll always be my beginning

but a comfort that feels old


You’ll always be my heartbeat

a familiar but new sound


You’ll always be the ticking clock

in a world you made slow down


You’ll always be my worry

when you trip and when you fall


You’ll always be my tears

the happiest of them all


You’ll always be my constant

the pulse of our home


You’ll always be my calling

more so when I’m alone


You’ll always be my reason

even when I’m grey and old


You’ll always be my baby

just heavier to hold.


You are a mother, but never 'just'


Not ‘Just’


You are not ‘just’ anything

Not just a woman

Or just a friend

A wife

A partner

Or just a mother

You are a universe

Made up of waves that brought life

Stars that hold dreams

Landscapes of home

Rocks that will crumble but will always remain

The wind’s gentle sway, and strongest roar

You are someone’s ‘all’

And ‘all’ is not lost

You are a mother

But never, just.


Let's make the future wait a little longer or Beautiful Chaos


Dear Husband,

There’s a life in the future with little faces in photo frames

instead of before our eyes. Artwork and ABC magnets won’t

adorn our fridge.

There’s a bed big enough, where little elbows and knees won’t prod

us in our sleep, and only our feet will swing out in the morning.

There’s a vase placed in reach of little arms because there aren’t

any, and mugs will daringly sit on the edge of the table.

There’s a dinner table that feels big, we aren’t negotiating bites

of vegetables, or wiping little hands and mouths. But sometimes

there’s a knock on the door and the table is full once more.

There’s a shower that doesn’t sound like baby cries, a coffee that

is warm, and my body will be my own. We won’t wear tired the

same way, but time will have aged us anyway.

There will be hard moments to come that will make these

moments look easy, but we’ll remember.

We’ll remember the first words, the curls, the ‘I love you’s, the

moments we almost broke, and how we held each other through

We’ll laugh and we’ll cry, just like we did then.

There’s a life in the future and it’s coming for us every day.

So let’s get swept up in the beautiful chaos in front of us.

Let’s make the future wait a little longer.

Because I love this life with you so much,

this one right now.


I will always be the earth, and you will always be my world.


My World


For I was your sun,

the only warmth you needed before you saw

a sunrise with your own eyes.

I was your star,

before they dusted across your gaze

with possibility and wonder.

I was your moon,

your only pull, before you noticed the comforting

light in the night’s blanket.

I was your universe for such a short while,

until you saw there was so much more.

But I will always be the earth,

your roots grew here.

And you will always be my world.


Home has a new meaning now, you are someone's home


I see you, Mama, and something about you has changed.

I don’t think I’ve ever seen you more beautiful.

You may have forgotten this amongst the throes of

motherhood, and find it hard to see it through the blur

of these early days, but I see you.

Your hair may not be blow-waved

like it used to be, but now it’s

a crown above your head, messy and perfectly imperfect.

Your hands seem different, they may not be as manicured, but

they’re warm and comforting. They’re stronger, as they hold the

world, and the touch of those fingertips are someone’s world.

Yes, your heart aches, but it’s never stretched and been so

swollen before with love, so of course it will ache sometimes.


You may be feeling lonely at times, or tired of being at home,

but you truly look beautiful here, like all of a sudden

home has a new meaning. You are someone’s home.

Your smile has changed, it’s now one that knows things,

secrets of contentment. There’s not as much energy

behind it right now, but it’s never been so pure.

The way you sit there, holding your baby like it’s an extension

of yourself, a natural, I’ve never seen anything so perfect.

I’m so proud of you and how amazing you are.

Mama, you’re beautiful.

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