Create Hoop Charm Collection - Meanings and Design

Become the designer with our latest Create Hoop Charm Collection. Introducing 8 new petite charms, specifically designed for our Create Hoops. Made from high quality materials, and designed to perfectly fit together, these new Create Hoops make a simple yet stunning look, that can be versatile to any occasion. Whether you’re working from home, going out to drinks, or just wanting an everyday look, these new earrings are a must have in your collection.

Images of small charms scattered around small twisted hoop earrings
Our eight individually designed charms provide the opportunity to reflect on values and moments from your life. Each with a different meaning, you can find something that is close to your heart, or that you think someone you love will cherish dearly.
The Ignite Hoop Charm tells you to “be the energy that allows others to shine”, while “Listen Deeply to the voice within” is a message from the Intuition Hoop Charm. Each charm features a solid sterling silver base, with a 2 micron plating in 14K Rose or Yellow gold. This quality means that your Create Hoops will live a long and happy life when cared for correctly. The size of the petite charms is just one of the things that makes them all so attractive. Ranging from only 9-12mm in height, and being as small as 2mm wide, these charms really do sit effortlessly and subtlety on hoops making them a great piece for everyday wear. If you value the cycles of life, then the Patience Hoop Charm is for you; stating “Honour the cycles of life, everything reveals itself in it’s own time”. The Resilience Hoop Charm is also a true and powerful message; “Resilience is moving forward regardless of what stands in your way”.
With so much uncertainty in the everyday, it is easy to lose track of the simple things in life. We hope that you can find connection and a sense of self in these creations, as something that can bring you a little glimmer of light when times appear challenging. “Calmness from within will create clarity around you” - Clarity Hoop Charm. A pair of these charm hoops would be a beautiful and personal gift for someone you love, as the words attached can provide a powerful message. Our Pillar Hoop Charm affirms to “surround yourself with pillars of support”, sending a positive message to anyone who wears it. Whether it be as a gift, or for yourself, these new charms have brilliant designs combined with truthful meanings making them the perfect Create Hoop.
“When contentment comes from within your inner light shines through” - Contentment Hoop Charm
“The World is your Oyster” - Pearl Hoop Charm
Images of new twine hoop designs which are small twisted hoop earrings
Introducing our newest Create Hoop design, our Twine Hoops. We are thrilled to introduce these hoops as your new staple. Featuring a twisted, spiral pattern on the body of the hoop, the quality and finish means they are both timeless, and on trend. Available in both a 12mm and an 18mm size, you can choose the best fit for you. The Twine Hoop comes in a Sterling Silver, or a 14K Rose or Yellow gold plating of 2 microns thick. These hoops are both Nickle, and alloy free meaning that they are the perfect earring for sensitive ears, and don’t risk infection or soreness. 
Similarly to our normal Create Hoops, the Twine Hoops have a simple stud back feature that can be taken on and off the back of the earrings in order to wear. The thickness of the hoop itself is thin enough to easily slip any charms on, and to fit on the ear, yet thick enough to provide a lasting, quality hoop that won’t bend or disfigure. Paired perfectly with studs, huggies or hoops in your 2nd or 3rd piercings, these Create Hoops layer beautifully giving you a unique and personalised look.
Our Twine Hoops are sure to be winners for anyone wanting something a little bit different and special. Pairing so beautifully with any of our existing charms, or our new petite collection, make sure you explore all the possibilities that come with designing your own set of earrings.
Image of girl threading a charm on the hoop, images or charm hoop earrings in a box
A feature that we are extremely excited about, is the ability to mix and match charms on our Twine Hoops. Each of our petite charms can be paired together creating a unique look that has become a hugely popular trend among earrings. With 64 possible combinations of our 8 petite charms, you really can make an individual and personalised combo that stands out in the crowd. The easy process of sliding charms on and off the hoops, means that you can build up your charms, and switch them over depending on the occasion. These earrings are so customisable, which makes them an absolute staple.
Styling our Create Hoops is easy with our huge range of products. Pairing together the 18mm twine hoops, and the 12mm twine hoops gives a uniformed look with the added bonus of different charms being able to be added to each individual hoop. Alternatively, a pair of the create hoops could be layered with some studs for a more simple, everyday look. Our Bailey and Quinn studs are stunning options that would look beautiful next to a create hoop.
Try pairing your Create Hoops with our Ari Hoops, or Luca Hoops for something elegant and classy. These huggies contrast nicely with our Create Hoops, without overpowering the charms which remain the centre of the look. With an infinite range of styling options, these new Create Hoop designs are sure to work with any pieces you already have in your collection, or anything else you may have your eye on.
Subtle elegance meets personalised and joyful earrings with this new collection. No matter the day, no matter the occasion, our Petite Charms and Twine create hoops are a versatile and graceful option for your next favourite pair of earrings! The combination of style and wearability means that they will be your go to earring for a long time, and we hope you love them as much as we do.
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