The Christmas Earrings You Need For The Festive Season Ahead

Think Christmas in Australia and it’s synonymous with balmy, sticky beach days and sunset cocktails. 

Compared to the Northern hemisphere we do Christmas a little differently… a little more vibrantly and fashionably if you will. There are no woolly jumpers, just festive cotton dresses, shirts and linen wear.

Which means the jewellery we wear can be much more aligned with fun, fashion and frivolity, especially the Christmas earrings we choose to wear during the festive months.

Rather than going all trinket-like with Christmas bells or mistletoe symbols we think christmas earrings should be about rocking what feels good, fun and relevant to the trends and the season. 

The question is though, how do you select the right flirty and fun Christmas earrings Australia has to offer without seeming too subtle or vanilla for the season?

Easy, it’s all about selecting the right jewellery and Christmas earrings to match the ‘mood’ or ‘energy’ of the occasion. Be it cocktail hour, unwrapping presents, lunch with family or at a work Christmas party. Each brings with it a different Christmas earring vibe.

Which is what makes choosing the right christmas earrings so much fun (we say the more the merrier!).

So whether you have a party, a lunch, brunch or intimate family gathering you want to dress for this season, we’ve got the perfect mix of christmas earrings sorted.

Check out our Christmas earrings edit below organised by event to make the busy season all the easier.


The Christmas Earrings Edit

Got a Christmas event coming up? We’ve got you sorted, our Christmas earrings edit will give you all the details for the festive earrings you need to see you through the silly season. 

1. The Christmas Cocktail Party

First things first, is it Christmas themed or is it run-of-the-mill fancy, footloose and free? If it is centred on Christmas then more traditional christmas earrings are in order.


Within the Franc range we don’t do specific themes for christmas earrings per say but we do colours that suit the silly season and a few symbols that could be on point.


For themed christmas earrings we love the emerald green: Fantasy Huggies and Ivy Studs. For faith based christmas jewellery: the Hope Charm, Cross Charm or the Faith Charm work a treat.


Alternatively if it’s flirty, fun and whatever vibe goes we love the idea of going gold christmas earrings.
Think either a gold hoop set such as our: Fable Hoops, Sasha Hoops or long threads like Elle Bar Threads or Petite Clarity Threads  that are still gold christmas earrings but more of a drapey, delicate look.


2. The Christmas Lunch With Family

Unlike happy hour with work colleagues, a family gathering can sometimes be a little more collegial or PG if you will. Between grandparents, little children and extended relatives the need to go for a softer touch when it comes to accessorising and choosing Christmas earrings may be required.


With this in mind we love the idea of a Christmas stud earrings set. Studs are the perfect balance between minimal and conversative with a hint of bling. 


In terms of Christmas stud earrings that we love for lunch we recommend either subtle gemstone hoop earrings or pearl earrings. 


Within our hoop earrings we recommend: Fantasy HuggiesDarcy Huggies or Ruby Hoops - all available in sterling silver or as gold christmas earrings for a more traditional vibe.


If pearl earrings are more your christmas earrings vibe we adore: Keshi Pearl Studs, Keshi Pearl Earrings or the Greta Pearl Earrings - all  sure to be a hit with grandma.


3. The I Woke Up Like This Low Key Present Unwrapping Event

As the event title suggests this look is about waking up and feeling festive before you even start the day.


If your mum is anything like ours, you never know when she will whip out the camera when your bed hair is still unbrushed, so to keep you looking fresh these are our go-to options for morning of Christmas earrings. Think any variation of Christmas stud earrings or gold Christmas earrings.


For easier sleeping and a ‘just woke up like this’ earring try a stud. The top Christmas stud earrings this silly season we love include: Chloe Studs, the Mia Studs, the Ivy Studs, the Daisy Studs


For a more subtle bling effect why not call on one of our huggie or hoop gold christmas earring sets? Currently we love the: Calla Huggies, Ruby Hoops, Ever After Earrings or Amara Hoop Earrings

For more Christmas earrings Australia designed and owned see our christmas earrings collection page or shop the full range of Christmas jewellery here.

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