BTS - Behind the Solstice Collection

Whether it marks the beginning of Summer or the beginning of Winter, the Solstice always marks the beginning of fun and that’s just what this collection is all about! With Solstice we’ve dropped the classic and embraced the edgy. So grab some Solstice and embrace your new look with confidence, coz gal, you’re a star.


Designer, photographer and all round babe, Rachel chats the inspiration behind the collection, the origin of the name and her favourite way to style it!


Tell us about your inspiration for this collection.


The Solstice Collection is kind of like the difference between your work week clothes and your weekend wardrobe. During the week I dress for the office, practical and pretty chilled, but everyone has their inner edge, and this collection is just that. With Solstice we wanted to introduce something a little more daring to our range and were inspired by the idea of bringing that edge into your everyday wardrobe while still staying classy ;p


Where did the name Solstice come from?

Solstice just seemed fitting with this design; the pieces remind me of a bursting sun, bringing that summery vibe into the range. A solstice occurs when the sun is at its most northerly or southern part of its journey, and it occured to me that we are launching this collection on the cusp of Summer... welcoming Winter while remembering Summer with Solstice. 



The money shot of Olivia was taken at our villa in Bali one morning before we left for the day to shoot other campaigns. We knew the shot we wanted, but it involved me laying on my belly on the grass, with Liv right up in my face in the pool, and reflectors either side. It made for a pretty funny BTS shot that our gal Sam Kencis got.


How would you style this collection/which other Franc pieces does it work well with?


So…. I recently discovered the dreamy duo of the Chakra necklace from our Oasis Collection and the Celestial necklace. This combination is my new go to - I’m a little obsessed! I was playing with them at my desk and popped them on, now I’m pretty sure all the girls are going to match theirs the same!

What is your favourite piece?


My fav… that’s hard… but the Solstice necklace is pretty damn amazing. A statement as a short necklace or adjusted to wear long in winter over those big woolies, it’s pretty phenomenal!


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