Anniversary Gifts by Year


There are few things that we love more in this world than, well, LOVE! To celebrate the special bond you have with that significant other in your life, we’ve created the ‘anniversary year’ complete guide. Whilst we’re all for straying from tradition, we wanted to help you navigate anniversary gifts, whether it’s your 1st or 60th anniversary to make the occasion as romantic, unique and symbolic as you! 
Anniversary celebrations date all the way back to medieval times when a husband would crown his wife with a silver wreath to celebrate 25 years of marriage and a gold wreath for 50. The tradition for ‘silver’ and ‘gold’ anniversaries has remained but there is a long list of other named anniversaries to accompany them! 
Traditionally, anniversary gifts were exchanged as practical household items to assist the couple in establishing their home. Luxury gifts were exchanged in later years to signify the significant celebration of many decades of marriage together.  Whilst we believe that each year celebrated since saying ‘I do’ should be celebrated, keep reading for the years that represent different stages of a couple’s commitment to each other! 

Years Married 

Traditional Gift

Modern Gift





Gold & Pearl 




Garnet & Rose Quartz 



Crystal or Glass 

Pearl & Jade 


Fruit & Flowers or 

Linen & Silk 


Blue Topaz & Amethyst 




Sapphire & Turquoise 


Iron or Confectionary 


Amethyst & Garnet 


Copper or Wool 

Brass or Desk Set 

Onyx & Lapis Lazuli 


Bronze, Salt or Pottery

Linen or Lace

Tourmaline & Aventurine 


Willow, Pottery or Copper 


Lapis Lazuli & Tiger Eye 


Aluminium or Tin 

Diamond Jewellery 






































Not only are anniversary years symbolised by traditional and contemporary gifts but they also often have a gemstone, colour or flower associated with them! There truly aren’t any definitive rules to choosing an anniversary present. Instead, be guided by the recipient’s tastes to find a gift they’re sure to cherish.

 1st Anniversary: Paper & Clocks 

Flowers: Carnations/ Pansies 

Stationary, a book, a gift voucher for something special or tickets for an exciting event are a great way of celebrating one year since tying the knot! You could even keep it simple and pour your heart out with a handwritten love letter. In terms of clocks, you could treat your loved one to a new alarm clock or feature clock for the living room! 

2nd Anniversary:  Cotton & China

Flowers: Cosmos 

Fresh cotton sheets or a dressing gown are a creative way of gifting your beloved a gorgeous cotton piece. Otherwise, a fine China vase or dinnerware is a stunning gift. 

3rd Anniversary: Leather & Crystal/ Glass 

Flowers: Fuchsias

For your third anniversary, gift your significant other a leather-bound photo album, belt, wallet or if leather isn’t your thing - opt for a faux leather gift! Crystal candle holders or wine glasses are a great way to incorporate crystal into your gift exchange. 

4th Anniversary: Fruit/ Flowers, Linen & Appliances

Flowers: Geraniums 

Garden tools, flowers, or a fruit basket are fresh ideas for four years. Otherwise, we’re currently linen obsessed in Franc HQ, nothing like new linen bed sheets or cushions for your bed or couch to brighten your space together! In terms of appliances, there’s nothing like a new espresso machine or food processor to make more memories in the kitchen together. 

5th Anniversary: Wood & Silverware

Flowers: Daisies 

In Wales, wooden ‘lovespoons’ have been gifted for centuries, gift a hand-carved wooden item or take a stay-cation to a log cabin together! Otherwise, silver can be found everywhere! You could opt for a simple silver frame or piece of solid sterling silver jewellery

6th Anniversary: Iron, Confectionary & Wood 

Flowers: Calla Lilies

 This one is a little out-of-the-box but there’s nothing like a chocolate basket to share together or gifting your significant other their favourite confectionery. We also think there can be amazing gifts found in wood or iron such as sculptures and decorative pieces for your home. 

7th Anniversary: Copper, Wool,  Brass & Desk Set 

Flower: Jack-in-the-Pulpit 

There are so many options for seven years of marriage, copper and brass pieces could be added to your home or you could gift a timeless woolen jumper for your beloved. Otherwise, a desk set or desk accessories are one of the most practical gifts we can think of! 

8th Anniversary: Bronze & Linen or Lace 

Flower: Clematis 

9th Anniversary: Pottery & Leather 

Flower: Poppies 

Stylish ceramics have been a popular gift choice for years, either gift something handcrafted with clay or take a local pottery class and create something special! 

10th Anniversary: Tin, Aluminum & Diamond Jewellery 

Flower: Daffodil 

Whilst tin and aluminium don’t sound like the most glamorous materials, you could opt for sculptures, vases or even tools. According to tradition, you can also celebrate your first decade together with diamonds. We love any excuse to wear diamonds, especially from our exclusive Noir diamond and solid gold range

11th Anniversary: Steel & Jewellery

Flower: Morning Glory 

From wine chillers, key rings and bracelets - steel is a surprisingly versatile material. Alternatively, if you decide to go down the path of jewellery, we have you covered! 

12th Anniversary: Silk & Pearls 

Flower: Peonies 

In Denmark, it’s a tradition to celebrate the 12 and a half year anniversary, known as the ‘copper wedding’, the family builds the couple an arch made from spruce trees and decorate it with flowers and lights (you are given the other half of the arch upon reaching your 25th wedding anniversary). 

When it comes to silk, we can’t get enough of silk pillowcases, scrunchies, sleep masks, robes - you name it! When it comes to the modern gift, to celebrate 12 years since tying the knot, we are also pearl-obsessed. The world is your oyster when it comes to pearl gifts! 

13th Anniversary: Lace & Textiles

Flower: Hollyhock 

Lace is often associated with weddings, the veil of Queen Elizabeth, made for her wedding in 1923 required 12,000 hours of work and 12 million stitches to create the perfect lace veil. Get creative and find a lace or textile gift for your significant other, think clothing, accessories, home decor - there’s so many options to celebrate 13 years together! 

14th Anniversary: Ivory & Gold Jewellery 

Flower: Dahlia

Ivory comes from elephants, so to follow tradition in a cruelty-free style, we love anything in the colour ivory or you could even twist the tradition and spend the day volunteering at an animal shelter or horseback riding together. Otherwise, opt for the modern alternative of opal or gold gifts instead. At Francesca, we have a wide variety of gold plated pieces and solid gold items we know you’ll want to cherish forever. 

15th Anniversary: Crystal & Watches 

Flower: Rose 

The 15th wedding anniversary is often viewed as the perfect time to renew wedding vows and deemed as the ‘glass’ wedding anniversary, there are too many gift options to choose from! For a simple idea, toast each other with champagne in new crystal glasses or gift one another new timepieces. 

16th Anniversary: Silverware & Topaz 

Topaz is one of our favourite neutral stones, we’ve created the aurora necklace and malo studs as a neutral and stunning piece for your collection, why not hint to that special someone in your life that it’s the anniversary year of topaz after 16 years together. 

17th Anniversary: Amethyst & Furniture 

The stone of tranquillity, amethyst holds a special place in our hearts. We had to make a charm bracelet with amethyst stone beads to add meaningful charms to and stay with you wherever you go!  

18th Anniversary: Garnet & Porcelain 

Garnet is a gem famous for its protective and grounding properties, we love our purple garnet faceted beads in our lustre bracelet

19th Anniversary: Aquamarine & Bronze 

Aquamarine is the colour of the sea so you can opt for jewellery with aquamarine embedded into the piece or take a romantic trip to the coast to celebrate 19 years of marriage. 

20th Anniversary: China & Platinum 

Flower: Lilies 

Two whole decades of love! Invite family and friends together to celebrate, throw a roaring 20s fancy-dress party, or celebrate with a new piece of China for the house. 

21st Anniversary: Brass & Nickel 

You’ll notice that as the years of anniversaries continue, the materials to celebrate them become more durable - in theory, just like your relationship! 

22nd Anniversary: Copper 

Whilst copper is not the most romantic of materials, you can use your imagination and gift copper-based saucepans, sculptures or pieces for your home. 

23rd Anniversary: Silver Plate 

Whilst you could stick to tradition and gift a silver plate to your betrothed, you could also consider silver plated jewellery or unique decorative pieces. 

24th Anniversary: Musical instruments & Opal

This is definitely an usual one! If learning the piano or violin together isn’t on your agenda, you could always book tickets to a concert together or have a romantic dinner at home playing your favourite artists all evening. 

25th Anniversary: Silver 

Flower: Iris 

25 years together is a huge milestone! To celebrate, consider silver gifts in the form of something for the house or a piece of jewellery.  Luckily, we have you covered as most of our silver pieces, unless specified otherwise, are solid sterling silver. Head to our latest page to see our newly released pieces, available in (yes, you guessed it),  silver! 

26th Anniversary: Original Pictures 

A painted portrait is an amazing anniversary gift, otherwise, head to a local museum together for the day or select an artwork to hang in your house to commemorate this special year. 

27th Anniversary: Sculpture 

You can get creative with this one! Select something together for your home or garden or head to a class together and create a sculpted piece yourselves.

28th Anniversary: Orchids 

Flower: Orchid 

In China, orchids symbolise nobility, friendship, elegance and perfection - gift your significant other an orchid plant or a single flower to celebrate! 

29th Anniversary: Furniture 

This is certainly a practical anniversary milestone, consider a new piece of indoor or outdoor furniture to enhance your space at home together. 

30th Anniversary: Pearl & Diamond 

Flower: Sweet Pea 

In Indian mythology, pearls are said to be dewdrops from heaven that fell into the sea. Representing nobility and beauty, they are a wonderful gift! We’re constantly releasing new pearl pieces and have you covered for jewellery but if you’d like to keep things simple, opt for a pearl coloured gift or enjoy a dozen oysters together! 

35th Anniversary: Coral & Jade 

Three and a half decades of love! Celebrate with a coral themed gift, seafood dinner together or a piece of jade jewellery or jade item for your home.

40th Anniversary: Ruby 

Flower: Nasturtiums 

The 40th wedding anniversary is considered one of the most important after the 25th. It’s no surprise that it has been attached to one of the world’s most precious gems, rubies. Rubies symbolise health, wisdom, wealth and passion. Plant a red rose in your garden as a testament of your love or enjoy some ruby port or red wine together. Our ruby red inspired ingot necklace represents the precious gem and is a timeless gift choice.

45th Anniversary: Sapphire 

One of our favourite precious gems, sapphire, is a stunning gift in ring, earring or necklace form! After four and a half decades together, this stunning gemstone is sure to be a memorable gift. 

50th Anniversary: Gold 

Flower: Violet 

Half a century together! Golden wedding anniversaries deserve to be celebrated, mark the occasion with something from our solid gold collection or have an inscription made in your wedding rings to celebrate! 

55th Anniversary: Emerald 

This precious stone symbolises love and rebirth, throw a ‘green’ themed cocktail party or give a gift to your beloved with an ecological slant - think a tree for future generations to enjoy too! You could even book a trip to Ireland and explore the Emerald Isle. 

60th Anniversary: Diamond 

It’s no secret that diamonds are one of our favourite pieces to design, purchase a piece of diamond jewellery to celebrate six decades of marriage. Commemorate the occasion with family and friends, this occasion truly is an incredible milestone together!
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