Beauty And Jewellery Retailers With Amazing Reward And Loyalty Programs

5 Fashion, Beauty And Jewellery Retailers With Amazing Reward And Loyalty Programs 

If you’ve ever fallen prey to ‘Spend and Save’ at Country Road (guilty!) then you know... loyalty programs are where it’s at!

There’s nothing like getting rewards to motivate spending, are we right? It’s so enticing to spend when you know you can build points for future store credits!

At Francesca we’re all about building a community and making sure our beautiful customers get a great experience and worthy rewards (you know in the name of solid gold and sterling silver bracelets, earrings, rings and necklaces) for their loyalty. 

We have an amazing loyalty program that offers our Franc Fam points and opportunities to receive free jewellery gifts as well, something we think really helps spread the love (especially at Christmas).

We’re not alone either, there are so many fashion, beauty, tech retailers that now offer loyalty programs and with great success! Australians, as it turns out love loyalty programs!

According to a survey conducted by Mastercard (as published on Retail World Magazine), nine of ten Australians have a loyalty card in their pocket and out of the whole Asia Pacific region, 62 per cent of Australians believe a loyalty program helps influence their shopping behaviour.

And well, who hasn’t spent more on their credit card just to earn frequent flyer points? It’s a thing! 

While we’re all about travel and frequent flyers at Franc with our latest Firenze heirloom jewellery collection inspired by our time in Florence in Italy it turns out nationwide 79 per cent of Australians admit their most drawn to retail loyalty/rewards programs above airline and financial institution schemes.

Which we’re so about... just saying!

But aside from being fans of our own Francesca loyalty program, as serious shoppers, designers and trend forecasters, it’s safe to say in the name of ‘research’ we’ve pretty much sussed out all the best retail loyalty programs.

Out of love for our Franc fam, we’ve decided to do a wrap of the top five loyalty/rewards programs we recommend across fashion, beauty, jewellery retailers.

Read on for our curated edit of the best rewards and loyalty programs across Aus retailers.

5 Best Retail Loyalty and Rewards Programs 


    Category - Jewellery

    Joining fee - Free!

Rewards - By becoming a Francesca VIP you will not only be showered with love and rewards but receive 1 point for every $1 spent in-store or online.  

Benefits - Where to begin?! At Francesca we want you to get the most out of your spending experience, so not only do we give you bonus ways to unlock extra points (such as by following us on Instagram and creating a user profile) each time you reach a new points value you also receive a new reward.

See our full rewards scheme below…

100 points - Free shipping on your next order

200 points - $10 off your next purchase

300 points - $15 off your next purchase

400 points - Free Alpha charm (to attach to a bracelet or necklace) from our Francesca jewellery range.

500 points - Free Francesca Essence bracelet of your choice 

750 points - Free Division Charm bracelet 

1000 points - $60 off your next purchase

1500 points - Free Aspire watch

3000 points - $200 off your next purchase

5000 points  - Free solid gold petite signature pendant

Sign up for the Francesca VIP membership here.


Category - Beauty

Joining Fee - Free!

Rewards - Sephora’s ‘Beauty Pass’ rewards scheme offers a point for every $1 spent, plus if you’re proactive and complete extra tasks (like downloading their app) you can accumulate more points. 

Benefits - While the Sephora ‘Beauty Pass’ is free to join, if you spend over $300 a year you will be upgraded to the next membership tier ‘Sephora Black’ and if you spend over $1500 a year you will unlock the top ‘Sephora Gold’ tier status.

What this means is, for those who reach Black or Gold status you also get additional perks such as -  a welcome gift, birthday gift, invitations to exclusive events, early access to sales and custom makeovers.

Sign up for the Sephora Beauty pass here. 


Category - Fashion

Joining fee - Free!

Rewards - By just signing up to the Cotton On ‘Perks’ loyalty program (which operates across their seven brands), you’ll receive a $10 voucher, then you continue to receive 1 point for every $1 spent. Each 100 points accrues a new $10 voucher.

Benefits - There are zero limits to how many vouchers you can earn, every 100 points leads to another $10 voucher. In addition, they also send extra rewards on your birthday and exclusive email previews, rewards and offers. 

Sign up for the Cotton On Perks membership here.


Joining fee - Free

Rewards - Every time you spend $100 or more in a day you receive a ‘Spend & Earn’ Reward to use towards your next purchase.

Benefits - Spend between $100 - $249 at Country Road and you will receive a $10 reward, spend over $250 receive $35 reward points towards next purchase. They also offer birthday rewards, welcome rewards and longer expiry dates for cashing in rewards.

Sign up for the Country Road membership here.

  1. The Body Shop

    Category - Beauty

    Joining fee - Free!

Rewards - By signing up to the Body Shop ‘Love Your Body Club’  you earn 1 point for every dollar spent and for every 100 points earned you will receive $5 to spend either towards a to treat for yourself or you can choose to donate it to charity (how sweet is that?!).

Benefits - In becoming a loyalty member, you also get invited to exclusive Body Shop parties and events and $10 worth of points on your birthday! 

Ps -  for the extra savvy loyalty and rewards scheme lovers, we also recommend checking out the following blog Swoosh and ABC Life’s useful guide (with tips and tricks) to loyalty schemes here.
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