Rialto collection - behind the scenes


We are so excited to have released this amazing collection; working as a sister team to design and create, be inspired and travel together is an amazing experience. When designing a new collection it’s a crazy combination of wanting to design every possible style under the sun and having to create design concept that will compliment each piece in a collection.




 When we began designing the Rialto collection we had three key design pillars in mind that are fundamental to all Francesca creations – minimalism, timelessness and inspiration.  



Travelling and being inspired by places around the world together is a passion of ours. Escaping daily responsibilities and living amongst a foreign culture and absorbing surrounding beauty allows the mind to run free and creative concepts bloom.




When choosing the Rialto girl we immediately thought of Ashley, someone who had the Francesca look, who invited you to be inspired by the jewellery she wore, with a contagious smile and raw beauty


Photographer – Kishka Jensen Hair – Mat Minol Makeup – Claire Hunt Styling – Hannah & Rachel Vasicek


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