Summer Vibes

Our spot this Summer Hinsby Beach! This shoot reflected beautiful earthy tones of rocks, sand and sea in the choice of clothes and jewellery with the backdrop of our favourite Summer destination.



Was it a beautiful day weather wise though, NOPE Hobart mixed things up for us with spontaneous outbursts of rain and gusts of wind that sent Matt Minol’s hair art into a fun frenzy! Paige danced her way through the 10 degree weather in clothes meant for 30 degrees like an absolute champion and Kishka captured each ray of sunshine that was sent our way



The jewellery picks for us this Summer are fine chains, mixed metals and soft colour pops injected into stacks x x



Model - Paige Harris Photographer - Kishka Jensen Makeup - Beautiful Bedlam
Hair - Matt Minol Stylist - Rachel Vasicek


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