6 Ways To Wear Drop Earrings


Drop earrings are having a moment right now.

Just glance at the latest catwalk trends for Spring / Summer 2022 and you’ll see everyone from Emilia Clarke to Kim Kardashian ‘dropping them like it’s hot’ as we roll into Summer.

And that’s because they are. When it comes to jewellery trends for 2022 - specifically drop earrings - Marie Claire, says pearl drop earrings are back big time. In their words, it’s not about the size fits all or stereotypical poised princess either, they predict varying shapes, sizes, and textures with this season's pearls not just catering to the more buttoned-up personas.

On the same page, Cosmopolitan also notes trends show we’ll be vibing all natural shapes and minerals, stating both pearls and shells in particular are going to be ‘in’ when it comes to the hottest styles in drop earrings this Summer.

Also, according to the fashion pack, clothing wise, forecasters are predicting it’s all about oversized, colourful, and a hint of quirky - so grab your boldest hues, be ready to mix and match prints and patterns and get shopping at Francesca online store to flaunt your way to a flirty Summer.

To learn how to elevate your look, and be on point this season, read on for our Francesca style guide for ways to wear drop earrings as below.

We break down how to wear drop earrings and what look suits them best, read on below.

6 Ways To Wear Drop Earrings, According To Their Type 


  1. Chandelier Earrings

Boujee - is how we would describe chandelier drop earrings and the subsequent occasion they are best suited for. The equivalent of a ball gown dress or designer handbag, chandelier earrings deserve their own moment in the limelight and are best suited for an occasion we're out to make a statement or turn heads your way.

To shop chandelier earrings, we recommend the Florence drop earrings, Buchanan drop earrings or the Astoria drop earrings.

How to wear drop earrings: chandelier earrings

Dazzle with chandelier drop earrings at a charity ball, wedding, an anniversary date night or ultra glam Christmas party. Chandelier drop earrings are a sight to behold and deserve a special event and outfit to boot. We recommend pairing them with a dress or blouse with a low cut decolletage that shows off the neckline and the drape of the drop earrings, choosing  either a sleek up-do or a wavy, Hollywood style glam out do.

  1. Pearl drop earrings

Pearls have gone mod in recent years. No longer baroque or perfectly round only, natural freshwater shapes and new thread long drop designs have seen pearl drop earrings becoming way more than the prim and proper stud style they are so famously known for.

To shop pearl drop earrings, we recommend the longline Keshi Pearl Threads, the Keshi Pearl Earrings or for a more unique shape, try a squared pearl earring such as our Etta Pearl Hoops

How to wear drop earrings: pearl drop earrings

Pearl drop earrings have a certain kind of ‘new school’ charm that doesn’t require a Jane Austen, Georgian style look. Unlike pearl studs which tend to either reflect a poised or minimalist style, pearl drop earrings - when paired with solid gold or silver chains or hoops  - tend to be more open to interpretation style wise.

We recommend pearl drop earrings as an addition to compliment a low key day look such as with a white t-shirt and denim - or - by adding a little je ne sais quoi to a dress or skirt and heels office outfit.

  1. Mix and match drop earrings

What we would categorise in-house as the Franc Create drop earrings, mix and match drop earrings are any hoop s or drop earrings that can be varied with different charms or pearls. The fun part of mix and match drop earrings is you can buy as is, or buy a few different designs or charms and customise your daily ear bling to create your own edge.

To shop mix and match drop earrings, we recommend checking out our entire Franc Create charm range and adding your faves to a Franc Create Hoops set, with notable pre-selected charm designs being the Patience Crystal HoopsResilience Plain Hoops, Pearl Hoops and Contentment Crystal Hoops.

How to wear drop earrings: Franc Create drop earrings

Mixing and matching drop earrings and hoop earrings is something that takes a dash of confidence and a hint of attitude. There’s no perfect pairing, if anything it’s about clashing colours, designs, studs with hoops and drop earrings. For style inspo, look to Gigi Hadid and Bella Hadid and Miley Cyrus. Fashion wise, we’re all about a grunge t-shirt and jeans for a more punk chic look or a linen shirt and denim for a style conscious, luxury (yet edgy) look.


  1. Diamond drop earrings

Diamonds are a girl’s best friend naturally, but sometimes chandelier drop earrings are a little too OTT.
Diamond drop earrings are the ideal choice for those who like a touch of glamour but don’t like to be ostentatious. Diamond earrings can come either as a single diamond or a dazzling encrusted statement piece that has a drop earrings edge without being as lengthy as chandelier earrings styles.

To shop diamond drop earrings, we recommend the longline Acacia Earrings, the Lily Earrings or the Dahlia Earrings.  

How to wear drop earrings: diamond drop earrings

Diamond drop earrings come with a more understated, subtle kind of glamour that commands respect but doesn’t seem showy or loud. With this in mind, diamond drop earrings are best suited to an occasion or outfit that is already gaining attention and works to compliment the big event - be it  wedding, ball or school formal. With this said, diamond drop earrings are best paired with a glamorous dress or outfit that already is a showstopper and would seem fitting when paired with diamonds.


  1. Signature drop earrings

Signature drop earrings, in our collection are also known as designer emblazoned earrings. Think of the ones that either flash recognisable logos, branding or insignia that you can tell from a mile away? Often using brand initials, signature drop earrings are iconic statement pieces that the jewellery brand or fashion label outs out there to make themselves known. Usually using gold or silver metals, the brand logo is loud and proud at the centre of the design, either with the logo dangling as a charm or printed into the metal.

To shop signature drop earrings, we recommend the Insignia Drops or Decade Earrings.  

How to wear drop earrings: signature drop earrings

Signature drop earrings can make any everyday look effortlessly chic. With an iconic branded logo, signature drop earrings such as our Decade collection or Insignia designs can add a luxe touch to any monotone corporate look or compliment a bold pop colour or patterned look for those in a more creative workplace.

  1. Thread drop earrings

Unlike drop earrings where the focus is often on the ‘drop’ feature (such as a logo, diamond, pearl etc), thread drop earrings are unique in that the earring itself is made of a fine chain thread, rather than a solid metal base. Delicate in nature, the petite thread drop earrings are a subtle look for those who gravitate towards fine thread silver or solid gold necklace chains. Match petite thread drop earrings with a thread necklace or wear them stand alone as a subtle feminine touch against a bare neck. 

To shop the petite charm thread drop earrings, we recommend the suggestions below or to tap into your mood that day and trust your most powerful guide - your intuitive side. Explore Petite Charm Thread drop earrings here

How to wear drop earrings: petite thread drop earrings
Like the Franc Create hoops, petite thread drop earrings can be custom designed to appeal to your own natural style and charm preferences. In the Petite Charm Thread Drop Earrings there are eight inspired charms to reflect your intuitive state of being, mood or a quality you wish to emanate (including clarity, contentment, patience). 

With fun charms such as lightning bolts through to diamonds and half moons, you can create the petite charm thread set that best suits you and your occasion. For the woman who loves yoga and is spiritual, we love the half moon ‘Patience’ pair and for the classic beauty who prefers linen and afternoon tea on the terrace, we adore the ‘Pearl set.

Still confused what drop earrings are per se?

The best way to define what a drop earring is, is when earrings drop just below the earlobe. It’s as simple as that. In terms of understanding what is the drop length of an earring? We recommend measuring the whole length including the ear wire (from the ear piercing hole down to the bottom of wire or metal chain).

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