6 Jewellery Gifts To Give A Girlfriend This Christmas

6 Jewellery Gifts To Give A Girlfriend This Christmas 

Wondering what jewellery gifts for her may suit this Christmas? We’ve got your girl and your gifts sorted

Want to spoil bae with something a little more meaningful than a box of chocolates or a bunch of flowers? Jewellery is always a good idea, but even though you may know it’s a crowd pleaser, often women can be picky or particular when it comes to what they like and don’t like. 

You may either be with a woman who knows what she wants and likes or one who is pretty chill and gives you no clues, but who shares she tends to like the meaning or sentiment behind a gift.

To help you find the sweet spot and select a jewellery gift for your girlfriend that she will cherish forever, we’ve curated a jewellery gift guide to make Christmas shopping less stressful.

See our edit below for jewellery gifts for her, no matter what age, style or preference.

6 Jewellery Gifts Your Girlfriend Will Love

If she’s a necklace kind of girl… 

    • Locket necklaces
      At the top of the ‘most thoughtful gifts ever’ list in terms of a jewellery gift for a girlfriend, has to be a bespoke locket necklace. Select a cute couple's picture of you two, or one of just you that she can keep close to her heart, and we will print the photo for you and insert it into a locket necklace of your choice.

      Within the locket necklaces collection we love: Treasure locket necklace, Bevel Locket Necklace, Ellis Locket Necklace. All locket necklaces are available in rose gold, sterling silver or solid gold. 

  • Personalised pendant necklaces
  • For an equal alternative to a photo in a locket, our personalised Etch pendant necklaces are another beautiful way to seal or bind your love forever.

    Within the Etch Collection, you can choose to custom engrave either initials or a word onto a pendant necklace of choice. So whether it be your initials inscribed on the jewellery gift or a nickname she gives you, choose the letters with the most meaning and make it a forever thing.

    Within the Etch engraveable collection we love: Etch Pendant Necklace, Etch Hive Necklace or for something more subtle the Etch Chain Necklace.

    If she is an earrings kind of girl… 

    • Stud earrings
      Stud earrings are kind of like the equivalent of lingerie for most women. They are the bare minimum often when it comes to jewellery and can leave a girl feeling rather nude if not wearing any. If you’re looking for jewellery gifts for her you know will always get worn, you can’t go past a set of stud earrings.

    Coming into the festive season, we have a whole host of Christmas earrings set to be showstoppers. For something a little more colourful and unique we love: Ivy Studs or Fantasy Studs from our Fable Collection.

    For quirky shapes, fun designs and studs with personality we love: Luna Studs, Dreamer Studs, Ever After Studs, Daisy Studs.

    Alternatively for women into a traditionally chic set try: Pearl Studs, Karli Studs. or the Sara Studs.  

  • Hoop and earrings
    Studs are a little more on the conservative side, so if your girl tends to be outgoing, dress boldly  and live life a little on the wild side then we recommend hoop earrings instead.

    The best kind of earrings you could get as a jewellery gift for girlfriend, hoops are all rounders in terms of meeting style needs and giving your girl a little va va voom.

    With our hoop earrings you can either select from smaller huggies, mid size hoops or larger plain or solid hoop earrings.

    For a JLO look, stick to a solid gold or sterling silver hoop earrings set such as our: Riley Hoops, Camilla Hoops or Olive Hoops. These hoops are all guaranteed to work as gift jewellery for her.

    Alternatively, for a playful, mid drop hoops set, we’re loving the Fable Collection hoop earrings such as Fable Hoops with charms detachable or the Daisy Chain Hoops.  

  • Nervous to buy something too big or blinging? Try a cute pair of huggies, small hoops that hug to the ear. For chic designs we think work as jewellery gifts for her try: Darcy Huggies, Ruby Hoops, or Billie Huggies or the Louis Huggies.

    If she’s a feature ring kind of girl

    • Statement rings
      If you’re not quite ready to pop the question yet, but know your girl loves a statement piece, to either wear alone or stacked alongside others then we’ve got just the right edit of fun new feature rings that will work perfectly as jewellery gifts for her.

      Rings we love right now as gifting jewellery include: Fable Ring featuring a pearl stone, Ivy Ring featuring cubic zirconia and green spinel stones, Twine Ring in rose gold, Moet Diamond Ring or a Signet Diamond Ring (*hint hint * also works as a cute promise ring to tide you over in the meantime). 

    If she’s an independent kind of girl and prefers to choose for herself

  • Personalised jewellery gifts
    For those who want to play it safe and are worried that whatever special jewellery gifts you choose she may not be sure about then we definitely recommend giving her an option you know she will appreciate. We’re talking a personalised jewellery gift that she can have total say over, such as Francesca jewellery gift card (or jewellery gift voucher) or a Francesca jewellery box or travel bag.

    Within our current jewellery storage items we highly recommend: Stacker Jewellery Box for a large storage she can keep by her bedside all year round. Or for a smaller travel style try the Petite Jewellery Box or the Bevel Jewellery Box - both designed to fit into a handbag or suitcase and made with vegan leather and beautiful gold zip hardware.

    For jewellery gift voucher options see our direct voucher here to choose a custom value or a pre made amount and have the option to add a greeting card for an extra $4.95.

  • Still need further inspo in terms of jewellery gift for girlfriend or special jewellery gifts for a loved like a mum or sister? See our full jewellery gifts edit by checking out our Christmas gifting collection here.

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