5 Things to Consider When Purchasing Diamond Stud Earrings


Add a timeless piece of sophistication to your everyday look with a pair of diamond studs. With variations in size and base metals, diamond studs are a stunning and timeless choice to add to your collection. Or if you’re like us, you’ll never want to take them off. 

 How to choose diamond stud earrings 

Diamond studs are a once-in-a-lifetime purchase that you’ll have forever, that means they’d better be amazing! As one of the best pieces of investment jewellery to own, they add an elegant finish and are a beautiful future hierloom. When comparing diamond stud earrings, keep the universal standard 4Cs in mind when evaluating diamond quality - colour, clarity, cut and carat weight. 

1. Colour - the facets on a diamond reflect what is close to them. Imagine them as tiny mirrors picking up on the colour of the metal they are set in. Think skin colour, hair colour and anything around it which will ultimately influence the perceived colour of the diamond. Diamond colours are graded along a scale from D (colourless) to Z (light yellow or brown colouration to the diamond). 

A great rule of thumb is the lower the letter (closer to D), the higher the grade and the more valuable your diamond. Francesca’s diamonds are H in colour meaning they are near colourless (colouration is often unseen except by trained graders) and are considered very valuable. 

2. Clarity - this encompasses the spot inclusions and blemishes of a diamond. Diamonds on the lower end of the clarity scale such as Slightly Included (SI) or Included (I) are the best value. Francesca’s diamonds are SI in clarity, meaning it is very unlikely to be able to find any spot inclusions or blemishes on your diamonds. 

3. Cut - a brilliant-cut (round) diamond will usually provide the most sparkle. Other cut-styles you may have heard of include emerald, princess and marquise. Be sure that your diamond cut is deemed as Excellent or Very Good. Rest assured, Francesca diamonds are brilliant-cut and we have focused on a quality cut to maximise the brightness and sparkle of our diamond studs. 

4. Carat - the carat (ct) refers to the weight of a diamond, rather than its size. The ‘total carat weight’ (a phrase most jewellers will use to describe diamonds) is important to note as it includes all diamonds in the piece and is the total of both studs combined, rather than the total of one stud. 

To Recap: Our diamond pieces are H in colour, SI in clarity, brilliant-cut diamonds and conflict-free. Not to mention ideal for sensitive ears, all of our earrings are nickel free. 

5. Diamond Stud Size ComparisonWhen determining diamond stud sizes, even though the carat highlights the weight of a diamond, rather than the size, it can be a great indicator of the approximate size of the stud. 

To put things into perspective, a diamond weighing half a carat is 5mm in diameter. Recently, we’ve seen an increase in the popularity of smaller diamond studs and have updated our designs accordingly! This means they are not only timeless but great for layering with other earrings. Most smaller diamond studs (similar to ours) have a total carat weight of a quarter or even an eighth of a carat or less. 

Remember: As the carat weight increases and diamonds become larger, their flaws increase and become more noticeable.

For a sleek and modern style, our Wembley diamond studs are a stunning choice for everyday wear and can be easily stacked with other studs or statement earrings. Choose from 9k white gold, rose gold or yellow gold, with a total diamond weight of 0.20ct and a simplistic bezel setting and stud backing. As one of our favourite pairs of studs, the bezel setting ensures the diamond will stay safely in place. 

The Mayfair diamond studs are a timeless choice featuring three small brilliant-cut bezel-set diamonds on a stud backing. A delicate and simple design, available in solid sterling silver, 9k solid rose or solid yellow gold, with a single diamond weight of 0.01ct and total diamond weight of 0.06ct. These studs are amazing paired with the Mayfair diamond ring to complete your look.

We also can’t forget to mention our amazing Malo studs, a more affordable option, a faceted 10mm bezel-set white topaz stone available in solid sterling silver, 9k solid rose or solid yellow gold. For a stunning emerald-cut version, the Ascot studs are available in solid sterling silver, 9k solid rose or solid yellow gold with white topaz stones on a stud backing. 

Gift Giving Made Easy 

Include a personalised handwritten message for your loved one at checkout and select our free gift wrapping service to take the hassle out of gift-giving. All solid and diamond pieces arrive with our exclusive packaging and include an authenticity card for diamond pieces. 

Note: we do not accept exchanges on earrings due to hygiene reasons. 


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