4 Engraved Bracelet Styles Giving Serious Friendship Goals

Keep your best friend by your side at all times with our engravable friendship bracelets, namesake pieces you can wear on your wrist daily.

Words by Sam Bailey

Once upon a time, somewhere between the the 80s and 90s, friendship bracelets with names were often strung together with white plastic beaded letters in some kind of colourful cutesy arrangement.

Whereas today, in what we’d like to call a style evolution (and upgrade), the new friendship bracelets now trending are much more chic and the kind of adult jewellery piece you’d wear year round.

Paying homage to your nearest and dearest, the new friendship bracelets - also described as 

tribute jewellery or personalised jewellery - are much more timeless and focus on an engraved metal base.

From the royals like Kate Middleton and Megan Markle seen sporting personalised pieces through to Australian model, entrepreneur and influencer Steph Claire Smith seen rocking tribute jewellery of her beloved son Harvey, it’s a trend that’s definitely here to stay.

Now just as Taylor Swift has brought her girl posse back into the spotlight post break-up, honouring the importance of female friendships (or male), we too see a need to bring a focus back to besties and making custom name friendship bracelets a thing of this generation again.

Whether your best friend is a sister you see every day, a high school friend you do long distance with or a fly in fly out friend who you cherish quality moments with -  having friendship bracelets with names engraved onto a beautiful jewellery item allows you to keep a piece of their heart on your sleeve no matter what.

Discover more about the engravable friendship bracelets you can choose from with our curated edit of  custom name friendship bracelets from the Francesca Etch Collection below. 

Note: our guide also includes answers to common questions you may have like… ‘how do you put your name on a friendship bracelet?,’ ‘what is the easiest friendship bracelet?,’ or ‘what should a friendship bracelet say?’

4 Engravable Friendship Bracelets We Love

If you’ve always considered binding your friendship with a best friend through jewellery but been confused where to start or how to go about… thinking ‘but how do you put your name on a friendship bracelet?’ the good news is at Francesca we can do it all for you.

Ever since the evolution of our Etch Collection that makes engraving a signature part of our offering, you can now request any personalised piece from sketches, words, initials to be etched onto jewellery - it’s that simple. Rather than buying a jewellery piece and shopping around for a separate engraved specialist, we can provide engraved friendship bracelets personalized to your unique preferences.

The bonus too is our website allows you to view custom designs and examples so rather than wonder ‘what should a friendship bracelet say?’ simply browse our store for inspiration then customise to suit your bond. 

Here’s a wrap of our four favourite friendship bracelet engraving ideas below - along with who they suit best.

1. Etch Alpha Bracelet

Who it suits: Types who prefer to keep style chic and understated and the friendship sacred and private.

Whether it’s a gift for your bestie or a matching set you both can wear, the Etch Alpha Bracelet is a perfect choice for those who prefer understated, chic and minimalist jewellery.

A singular charm designed for one initial only, beaded onto a solid metal bracelet, this design takes the stress out of friendship bracelet engraving ideas and allows the wearer to keep it a private personalised piece, worn alone or easily stacked.

What to wear it with: As a stand alone piece or stacked with other solid metal gold, silver or rose gold pieces. When considering, ‘what is the easiest friendship bracelet?’ to match to their other jewellery or tie in with their day-to-day style, this bracelet will always be a safe bet.

Buy it now: The Etch Alpha Bracelet is available in gold, silver and rose gold. $99, buy here.

2. Etch Behold Bracelet


Who it suits: Types who prefer something a little heart warming, mushy and sentimental, aren’t afraid to literally wear their heart on their sleeve.

Whether a self love gift to remind you of your bestie or a matching set you both can wear, the Etch Behold Bracelet is a beautiful option for the old souls who love love.

A singular heart charm with space for a best friend’s initials or both of yours - beaded onto a solid metal bracelet - this design provides a symbol of love and everlasting friendship. For extra you may add the date of your friendship anniversary or choose just their initials and their date of birth.

What to wear it with: A stand alone piece or stack with more meaningful symbolism such as a Petite Zodiac Bracelet representing their star sign.

Buy it now: The Etch Behold Bracelet is available in gold, silver and rose gold. $118.00, buy here.

3. Etch Chain Bracelet

Who it suits: Types who live life a little more freely and openly and prefer visible outward declarations of their friendship and aren’t afraid to show off their bestie to anyone who crosses their path.

Whether a personal piece of significance to make you smile or a matching set you both can wear with each other’s names emblazoned outwardly as a daily reminder, the Etch Chain Bracelet is a divine option for the loud and proud peeps who go big when it comes to gestures and symbolism.

A chain bracelet that leaves one link free for an engraveable panel where a best friend’s name can be inscribed on front and or back (or birthday), this design is epitome of a solidified friendship. Think of it as the tattoo of jewellery pieces, it’s a tribute piece that tells the world how meaningful this friend and bond is to anyone who takes the time to glimpse it (and most importantly you!).

What to wear it with: Wear as a stand alone piece or to further up your friendship goals add a matching Etch Chain Necklace with their name or add a locket necklace with a photo of you both.

Buy it now: The Etch Chain Bracelet is available in gold, silver and rose gold. $129.00, buy here.

4. Hendrix Create Bracelet

Who it suits: Types who prefer a little quirk, imperfection and unique charm as a way to celebrate your beautifully raw, authentic and unique friendship.

Whether as a creative outlet to connect to your bestie or as a matching set you both can wear, the Hendrix Create Bracelet is a go to option for the originals who prefer to live on the outer edge of the mainstream and revel in their shared experiences as unique individuals rather than doing what everyone else does.

A beaded solid metal bracelet with a Francesca emblem charm alongside a colourful semi precious stone, this design offers both a pop of colour and bonus energetic qualities for the spiritually inclined.

With Amazonite, Green Aventurine, Pink Opal and Quartz all offering different energetic qualities, choose to match based on a colour or pick a stone you think will serve your bestie the most.
To learn about each gemstone’s meaning see our blog here.

What to wear it with: A stand alone piece or stack with more gemstone inspired colour pieces like our classic Charm Bracelets or other spiritually connected pieces like the Ingot Birthstone Charm or  Petite Zodiac Charm.

Buy it now: The Hendrix Create Bracelet is available in gold, silver and rose gold. $89, buy here.

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