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When it comes to ear candy, this year it’s all about luxe layered looks, inspired by double piercing ideas that balance studs and statement earrings in a mix and match way to create a unique look tailored to the wearer.

Yes, gone are the days of singular stud set combinations, now it’s about bringing lobes to life with multiple piercings and double earring ideas to create soft, layered looks that suit your style identity. 

In the words of Gynwelth Paltrow, style guru, “How you mix and match [jewellery] says so much about your state of mind and what’s inspiring you in that moment.” 

We are so on par with Gwyn and believe playing with earring combination ideas is a natural progression in jewellery trends. With our famous Franc stacks (layered bracelets) a popular way to bling up an arm and mix and match, earring stacks are now a fun way to bring the same sense of play to lobes, allowing the wearer create multi earring combination ideas that keep daily style looks spicy and fresh.

As a brand we like to keep our community in the know when it comes to jewellery trends, so to help you curate the perfect layered look, we’ve pieced together earring combination ideas that we love and that are on par with the latest High Summer Fashion Week trends.

Read on for the double piercing earring ideas we recommend based on the latest Franc collections. 

4 Earring Combination Ideas We’re Loving From The Catwalk Right Now

Image of pearls on a small chain threaded through an ear peircing

  1. The Look: Fringe festival

As seen in the latest Kate Spade show, fringe earrings or thread earrings (as we call them), are bringing length and old school Hollywood glamour back to ears this Summer, according to The Hollywood Reporter

Whether diamond encrusted or a simple solid gold chain thread with a singular diamond, pearl or charm - as seen in our thread earrings collection - fringe earrings are a perfect base to set the tone for a luxe layered earring look.

Layer the look 

  1. Make thread earrings the feature set in a centre ear piercing, then work your way up the earlobe with multi or double earring ideas that are shorter and more subtle such as stud earrings.

  2. For earring combination ideas that work with fringe earrings we recommend stud earrings and / or an in between shorter drop earrings set such as a Petite Hoop Charms combination.

Shop the look:
We’re all about the Petite Charm Thread Earrings coupled with blinging stud earring set such as the Karli Studs. Alternatively, for a  traditional look, try the Keshi Pearl Thread Earrings coupled with the Ollie Studs.

Image of multiple hoop earrings layered in an ear

  1. The Look: Loop the Loop

As seen in Gywneth Paltrow’s latest go-to look, inspired by her blog ‘How To Layer Jewellery The GP Way,’ the loop the loop or ‘hoop the hoop’ as we call it is really about multi layering hoop earrings.

Rather than get all alty, this look is about embodying solid gold hoops in their entirety. You can mix and match the metals or size (huggie earrings or large hoop drop earrings) but either way, it’s about sticking with one fail safe shape - hoops.

Layer the look

  1. For double earring ideas with hoop earrings in front of mind, start with a large hoop then work your way down, both in size and simplicity.
  2. The size of the hoops is down to the wearer, but if you want to make a statement with a larger hoop earrings style first then we recommend pairing it down with smaller huggies to follow.
  3. Check out Gywn’s earring combination ideas here for inspo. In her feature, she pairs 2 x slim large style huggies and then studs towards the upper ear (for those with multiple piercings).
  4. For earring combination ideas from Francesca collection, we recommend browsing our Huggie Earrings for solid gold hoops and matching with teeny solid gold or cubic zirconia studs here.

Shop the look

We’re all about a match made in heaven, so to keep it chic like Gywn, we recommend simple solid gold or sterling silver huggie earrings set as the main piece such as Ari Hoops or Riley Hoops alongside the Ruby Hoops or Darcy Huggies

For those with Helix piercings, we recommend layering the upper ears with subtle studs such as Darla Studs, Nicole Studs, Clea Studs or plain solid gold or sterling silver earrings such as the Bar Studs.

Images of fun playful earrings worn in models ears

  1. The Look: Candy Shop

There’s bold and then there’s Bon Bon Whims ‘Chewy Bear Earring,’ a singular hoop drop earring with a chewy, edible like gummy bear attached, this jewellery trend really brings the candy to ear candy.

While we don’t make gummy bear charms, we do make some pretty drool worthy Hoop Charms and drop earrings with adaptable charms to suit all your quirky taste preferences.

Layer the look

  1. Keep it simple or make it child like sweet as sugar, with playful odd mix and match charm earring and stud combos - when it comes to earring combination ideas the sky's the limit. Think playful.
  2. To create a multi-layered or double earring ideas look, start by choosing your base hoop to start.

Select your Franc Create earring base (solid gold, rose, sterling silver) then choose a fun charm - singular or matching pair. We recommend being a little kitsch and quirking it up.

Note: The original Bon Bon Whims look features a cubic zirconia encrusted hoop such as our Ruby Hoops.

  1. Once you have your hoop charm earring (or earrings), opt for either a pop of colour, a fun shape, a blingin’ crawler earring or quirky combo of stud earrings to creep up the earlobe. Have fun with it, be a little weird and clash colours and shapes, the more individual, the better.

 Shop the look

We’re all about inspiring individuality, so you can find your fair share of cutesy, quirky, unique stud earrings and hoop earring combos on our earrings page here.

For earring combination ideas that recreate the original candy shop look, we love using the Ruby Hoops,, Pilgrim Pearl Hoops or Darcy Huggies as a earrings base then adding charms from there.

Quirky charms to loop onto hoop earrings that we love right now are the Patience Hoop Charm or the Ignite Hoop Charm. 

Complete the layered look then with the following earring combination ideas…

For those with Helix piercings (inside the ear), we recommend small studs such as Karli Studs, Jessie Studs or the Zoe Studs.

For those needing double piercing earring ideas for the lower lobe we love the Callie Studs, Hettie Studs or for a pop of colour the Ocean Studs or Petal Studs.

Images of celestial earrings worn in model's ear and held in between fingers

  1. The Look: It’s In The Stars

Constellations of all kinds are coming through strong as a jewellery trend this Summer. How you interpret this is uniquely up to you. According to Elle Magazine, “high lobe piercings (a piercing directly above another) and flat constellations (clusters of three or more piercings inside the ear) to be key ‘Ear Alchemy’ trends in 2022, with daith and rook hoop jewellery in high demand.

In essence there are two ways you can interpret a constellation - either as a cluster of stars (or in jewellery terms, an arrangement of studs spanning across the earlobe). Or less metaphorically and more literally, with astrology symbols and space elements - think stars, moon, lightning, planets.

Layer the look

  1. If prefer earring combination ideas that focus on creating a series of studs in a constellation style cluster, then we recommend choosing an array of sparkly, small style studs starting with a crawler and then adding smaller simple studs.
  2. If you want to really get your spiritual ear alchemy on, then we recommend going a little woo woo and choosing a mix of space symbols, maybe mixing and matching metals to keep it fun.

Shop the look

  1. For double piercing earring ideas that focus on the first look, we recommend starting with a crawler earring such as the Haze Studs, Ocean Studs or Petal Studs then complimenting it with smaller simple studs like the Adele studs, Luminance Studs, Trilogy Studs or Huxley Studs.
  2. For those looking to add a little astrology fun to the mix, the double earring ideas we love include creating a bespoke stud earrings look with stars and moon symbols such as our Izzy Studs, Zoe Studs, Jessie Studs and Laine Studs. 
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